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CBS has spoken: Ozzy and Coach return for Survivor: South Pacific

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Written by : published Wednesday 24th August 2011

CBS has spoken:  Ozzy and Coach return for Survivor: South Pacific main image

If you have skimmed the internet at all over the past few months, it should be no surprise to discover who the 2 returning players would be on the upcoming 23rd season of Survivor (Survivor: South Pacific.)  Today, it was officially announced by CBS what has long been rumored, that "Coach" Benjamin Wade and Ozzy Luszth are back, each for their 3rd time.

Unlike last season when Boston Rob and Russell Hantz returned, there doesn't seem to be any clear connection between Ozzy and Coach (Rob and Russell famously squared off and set-up a rivalry during Heroes vs. Villains.)  According to EW and Jeff Probst, “What they share together is their social games suck,” says Probst. “Coach? He blew it in Heroes vs. Villains. He blew it seven different ways. And Ozzy got voted out with an idol in his hand! If that doesn’t speak to how bad you are in the social part of this game. So we looked at it and said here are two guys that do have a redemption story. Yes, you’ve played. Yes, you’re popular, but you don’t know what you’re doing in this game.”

The 2 returning players will be separated from the get-go, and join 16 new players (find out more about them here.)  Do they stand much of a chance?  Time will tell!

Survivor: South Pacific premieres with a 90-minute episode 3-weeks from today, on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 only on CBS (8:00pm EST).

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