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Cast of Survivor: South Pacific revealed, 16 of 18 at least

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Written by : published Monday 22nd August 2011

Cast of Survivor: South Pacific revealed, 16 of 18 at least main image

It's finally official, despite cast photos and bios being leaked last week online.  But the 16 new castaways are now known, and here they are, separated into the two tribe names, Savaii and Upolu:

SAVAII:                                         UPOLU:

Mark Caruso                              Sophie Clarke

Age: 48                                   Age: 22

Forest Hills, N.Y.                        Willsboro, N.Y.

Retired NYPD Detective              Medical Student   


John Cochran                            Albert Destrade

Age: 24                                     Age: 26

Washington D.C.                        Plantation, Fla.

Harvard Law Student                   Baseball/Dating Coach


Whitney Duncan                       Brandon Hantz

Age: 27                                    Age: 19                                                           

Nashville, Tenn.                        Katy, Texas 

Country Music Singer                 Oil Tanker Crewman


Dawn Meehan                          Edna Ma

Age: 41                                  Age: 35

South Jordan, Utah                   Los Angeles   

English Professor                     Anesthesiologist


Jim Rice                                    Christine Shields Markoski 

Age: 35                                  Age: 39

Denver                                   Merrick, N.Y.

Medical Marijuana Dispenser     Teacher


Semhar Tadesse                     Rick Nelson

Age: 24                                     Age: 51

Los Angeles                               Aurora, Utah

Spoken Word Artist                    Rancher


Keith Tollefson                       Stacey Powell

Age: 26                                     Age: 44

Edina, Minn.                              Current Residence: Dallas

Water Treatment Tech                Mortician


Elyse Umemoto                      Mikayla Wingle                                

Age: 27                                    Age: 22

Las Vegas                                Tampa, Fla.

Dance Team Manager                Lingerie Football Player


The two returning players have yet to be "officially" announced, although it's been a well-known internet rumor that the players will by Ozzy Luszth and "Coach" Benjamin Wade.

Survivor: South Pacific premieres Wednesday, September 14th on CBS, and be sure to subscribe above for all of the latest leading up to the next season!!!!!

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