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Red or Black

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Written by : published Monday 18th July 2011

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Red or Black This summer launches new £1 million gameshow hosted by the much loved double act Ant and Dec.

Simon Cowell has taken time out from the new US X Factor to reveal his latest ITV 1 production – Red or Black. The gameshow will give 7000 contestants the chance to win £1 million at the spin of a wheel.

The show will broadcast for only a week, each day allowing 1000 contestants to take a lucky dip on winning £1 million. Dec revealed to the Guardian: "No talent is involved, if your luck holds out 10 times in a row you will win a million."

Red or Black is set to top similiar gameshows such as, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and producers are confident that the show will be a huge success in the upcoming summer.

To find out more visit: itv.com/redorblack

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