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The Good Wife Gets Emmy Nomination

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Written by : published Thursday 14th July 2011

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The audiences critis and Emmy voters have seen the light and it is Good. The Good Wife is one of the big winners for nomination in the latest Emmy derby, building on a strong start to accrue nominations for Julianne Margulies, Christina Baranski, Alan Cumming, Josh Charles, Michael J. Fox and Best Drama Series. The paychecks of these actors just went up. Emmys deserved by all, and Julianne Margulies might just have a shot. Alan Cumming should really get it, his scenes in "The Good Wife"  as Eli rock the house.

Frankly, if I was Chris Noth I would be depressed. But The Good Wife could win series, even thought the competition is tough. My vote is for the Good Wife because this isnt their first season and Season 2 was unmatchable. Watching Kalinda and Eli and trying to guess where Alicia Florrick's head and heart was/is is tricky. Blake may be gone, but he and the criminal element, as well as star turns by Rita Wilson and others made the season the most can't miss TV since LOST. I like the character of Carey as good guy/bad guy and the ex-mayor nibbling at the Florrick's heels as a back story. There is so much to like about this show (America Ferrera guest stars!) I would be suspicious of anyone who didn't like this show.

For Guest Actor the dice are loaded. Competition is always sentimental. The nomination  of Beau Bridges for his turn in “Brothers and Sisters” is very justly nominated. Imagining him (Brody) and Sally Field’s characters young and lost, and then finally in love again, was really satisfying viewing. I really like that this set of Emmy nominations for 2011, it really feels merited, versus the PR driven campaigns of many years.

But the show-stopping Michael J. Fox starrers in the “Good Wife” episodes were just amazing. Even in the throes of a shattering nerve disease, Fox turns in a believable portrait of a evil lawyer with a heart of dollars, who has his own story to tell. Fox caps many of his ‘Wife" episodes with elusive hints as to what may happen in the future. The attorney Fox plays is like Alex P. Keaton grown up and weary in a corrupt, Palin-era world.

Fox in "The Good Wife" becomes his character, even suspendng disbeleif above his disability and his past celluloid character legends. Standing out amidst the Good Wife cast isn’t easy. Very few actors could have made enjoyable TV watching out of a degenerative nerve disease sufferer and yet left the audience free to hate him as a villain.

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