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Friday Night Lights Gets Emmy Love

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Written by : published Thursday 14th July 2011

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Friday Night Lights got a nom for best Drama series, and this show has got some serious credibility after a championship season on cable with a return to NBC. The killer nomination for FNL is the drama writing nomination, up with the very best of TV in Game/Thrones, the Killing, and Mad Men. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Fringe somewhere here, though. I watched Fringe instead of all the Modern Family, the Office, and other shows Emmy voters caught. Fringe did get an interactive Emmy nod for the “Division” episode.

It was worth it lose “The Cape” to see Coach Taylor live out his awesome character arc. Friday Night Lights will make an awesome DVD gift for the non-converted this Christmas. Kyle Chandler is extremely deserving for his acting nom, anchoring a show with economic scenes and cuts, one glance tells you the confusion pain anger and sentiment inside this complex but beloved coach. Friday Night Lights has a lot of audience watchers rooting for it.

Big surprise seeing the hairstyling Emmy nominate game/Thrones and Glee. But cable competes with Boardwalk Empire and Mildred Pierce, a remake starring Kate Winslet. Even Hawaii-Five-O got a stunt nomination. but Friday Night Lights has continued season after season telling the story of conflicted people playing the game of life as it intersects with football.

I am not sure if Connie Britton will win against Julianna Margulies and/or Elizabeth Moss of mad men, but she sure deserves the Emmy nom for this year’s work on Friday Night Lights. The Taylors echo the married couple from “Medium” as the married couple people most like to watch and empathize with. Tami Taylor’s professional story arc from coach’s wife to Admissions Dean might wreck Taylor’s career but save their marriage. Will Taylor be pressured into staying at Dillon even if his wife leaves? Will Tami negotiate Principal of the new conglomerate Dillon High School to let the district keep Coach Taylor?

Will Friday Night Lights have a Emmy night honeymoon? Dexter, Mad Men and the Good Wife may be overshadowed by freshman players “Game of Thrones”  and voter favorite “Boardwalk Empire.” But watchers of Friday night Lights know how much story has been wrapped up in those episodes. Could we appreciate Vince Howard without the storyline of Smash Williams in the background? Will Tim Riggins haunt us forever? Friday Night Lights took the original movie concept as far as any TV show could and kept us rapt every time.

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I like to watch TV shows from classic eras as well as contemporary drama and comedy. Science Fiction is fun, and shows like the Cape and Fringe keep hope alive that the medium that produced Space 1999 is alive. Comedy such as 30 Rock is usually, good, but not always. I like Survivor but it has so little to do with survivor skills I am disappointed. Appointment viewing is Grey's Anatomy, NCIS LA, The CSI series for New York and Las Vegas and Miami, with a special shout out for the new Hawaii Five O. Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are top of the line viewing for the drama comedy Gordon's character and the business lessons they teach.

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