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Starz decides not to pick up Camelot season 2

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Written by : published Sunday 3rd July 2011

Starz decides not to pick up Camelot season 2 main image

Camelot won’t be coming back for a second season as Starz announced the series would come to an end due to “significant production challenges.”  Camelot starred Jamie Campbell Bower in the title role and Joseph Fiennes as Merlin.  Eva Green drew critical praise for her portrayal of Morgan and the beautiful Claire Forlani was cast in the role of Arthur’s mother, Igraine.  The show was faring well in ratings but it appears that much of Camelot’s cast continues to be busy with other projects.

It seems, however, that some fans aren’t ready to let Camelot slip into oblivion too easily.  Fans have started several petitions on Facebook and Change.org.  At this time, one petition on Change.org has three signatures.    Other fans are sounding off that they’d rather see Camelot taken over by HBO or Showtime instead of Starz.

What do you think?  Were you a fan of Camelot?  Are you sad to see the show come to an end so soon?

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