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Watch AMC ‘The Killing’ online

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Written by : published Monday 20th June 2011

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AMC’s new series “The Killing” had its season finale on June 19, 2011 leaving many fans with a mixed response.  There’s no doubt that “The Killing” is a hit, but some were left with more questions than answers during the season one finale.  The show has been renewed for a second season and it has been confirmed that Mireille Enos (Sarah Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (Stephen Holder) will return.  Those who would like to catch up on past episodes of “The Killing” has episodes online for a limited time only.

Just before the season one finale of “The Killing” aired, the Sundance Channel aired a marathon which aired Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm, building up to the finale which aired on AMC.

The Killing has a total of 13 episodes:

  1. Pilot
  2. The Cage
  3.  El Diablo
  4.  A Soundless Echo
  5.  Super 8
  6.  What You Have Left
  7. Vengeance
  8. Stonewalled
  9. Undertow
  10. I’ll Let you Know When I Get There
  11. Missing
  12. Beau Soleil
  13. Orpheus Descending

What did you think of “The Killing” season finale?  Are you looking forward to season 2? You may watch full episodes of “The Killing” in the link below.


Watch AMC "The Killing" full episodes online


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