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Celebrity Apprentice winner is John Rich (watch full video)

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Written by : published Monday 23rd May 2011

Celebrity Apprentice winner is John Rich (watch full video) main image



It’s been a long month for Donald Trump, and maybe more so for those finishing out the Celebrity Apprentice.  With a much publicized focus on President Obama and his origins of birth, the Celebrity Apprentice continued despite the attention to its season finale episode which aired on May 22, 2011.  Donald Trump crowned John Rich as the winner in what has been deemed as the lowest ratings the show has ever received.  John Rich was up against Marlee Matlin, but ultimately, it was the country music star who won the title.


Though the ratings may be low the charitable donations reached a record high.  The show earned a total of $3,120, 852 for charity and last night, John Rich received the $250,000 prize.  In total, John Rich won $1,261,900 for his charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Marlee Matlin won $1,050, 000 for her charity, the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


Donald Trump released a statement regarding the win. It reads, “John Rich clearly demonstrated that he has what it takes to be a winner.  As the new Celebrity Apprentice, he represents all the qualities necessary to follow through and come out with very significant winnings for his charity. John was focused, motivated, smart and a good team player. We all know he’s talented too. He proved he could maneuver his way into situations that were remarkably productive—which was a benefit for everyone. I congratulate him on his win—John’s a star all the way.”


You may watch the full episode from the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice below.

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