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Mark Burnett Tapped by Hearst Media for TV

Survivor poster

Written by : published Tuesday 12th April 2011

Mark Burnett Tapped by Hearst Media for TV main image

Homes & Gardens Reality TV? That's right, Hearst and Mark Burnett are entering into a partnership whereby Burnett can turn his Survivor production skills into title-related reality and promotional TV material for the Hearst stable of publications.

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I like to watch TV shows from classic eras as well as contemporary drama and comedy. Science Fiction is fun, and shows like the Cape and Fringe keep hope alive that the medium that produced Space 1999 is alive. Comedy such as 30 Rock is usually, good, but not always. I like Survivor but it has so little to do with survivor skills I am disappointed. Appointment viewing is Grey's Anatomy, NCIS LA, The CSI series for New York and Las Vegas and Miami, with a special shout out for the new Hawaii Five O. Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are top of the line viewing for the drama comedy Gordon's character and the business lessons they teach.

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