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What's next for Toadie

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Written by : published Thursday 25th November 2010

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Neighbours actor Ryan Moloney has been talking to Tv.com about what the future holds for his character Toadie.
Ryan has reveled that a things will get interesting for Toadie when Guy Sykes returns. Guy Sykes who shot Toadie after taking Stef and Charlie hostage is currently on set filming. Ryan says that "He causes a bit of havoc. It's exciting, we're filming it at the moment and we're really happy with the way it's turned out."
A stalwart of the Neighbours cast Moloney has been in Neighbours for 14 years and knows his character Toadie inside out and as such has a say on all of his lines. Ryan says "I do change quite a lot, and I do throw in a lot of lines as well. It's ultimately what I can get away with. If the script supervisor says I can do it, then I will."

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