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What to watch: April & May 2011

Soccer Saturday poster

Written by : published Sunday 27th March 2011

What to watch: April & May 2011 main image

As time draws to a close on the month of March, as is customary, my free Sky Sports Magazine has come through the door.

Why is this newsworthy? People take for granted the free media - otherwise known as 'gumph' - that gets shoved through the letterbox on an almost daily basis.

However, when one sifts through said 'gumph', the odd gem may be found. Sky Sports Magazine April/May edition is one such find.

2011 is the year that Rupert Murdoch's Sky Sports satellite television company celebrates its 20 year anniversary.

"Sky Sports launched on 20 April, 1991," the magazine proudly informs. "Since then, it's been our privilege to cover some of sport's greatest occasions."

Jeff Stelling, long time presenter of one of Sky Sport's most successful shows, welcomes readers:

"This special issue of Sky Sports Magazine... marks our [Sky Sport's] 20th anniversary. I joined Sky Sports back in 1992 and if you had said then that there would be a hit TV show based around watching four ex-pros, who are themselves watching football on the telly, you may have got a blank look in return."

True, the concept of Soccer Saturday, the show to which Stelling is both referring and presents, would be a foreign one to most people when it debuted last millenium.

However, this magazine is here for a purpose, other than to peruse through old embarrassing photographs of the Sky Sports cast members.

After Stelling's welcoming message sits a box, whose title declares: "8 things you must watch in the next 61 days."

These are:

1 - ICC Cricket World Cup final: Sky Sports HD1, Saturday 2 April, 9am

2 - US Masters: Sky Sports HD1/Sky 3D, starts Thursday 7 April, 7pm

3 - Barcelona Tennis Masters: Sky Sports 3, Thursday 21 April, 12.30pm

4 - npower Championship [football] Final Day: Sky Sports HD1, Saturday 7 May, 2.30pm

5 - Scottish Cup Final [football]: Sky Sports HD1, Saturday 21 May, 2.30pm

6 - Heineken Cup Final [rugby]: Sky Sports HD2/Sky 3D, Saturday 21 May, 4.30pm

7 - Barclays Premier League Final Day: Sky Sports HD1, Sunday 22 May 2pm

8 - UEFA Champions League Final: Sky Sports HD1/Sky 3D, Saturday 28 May, 6.30pm

That 'gumph' can bring good news. As a sports fan, these are a must watch.

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Joe Smith

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