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Big Love’s Ginnifer Goodwin to play Snow White in new ABC series ‘Once Upon a Time’

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Written by : published Saturday 5th March 2011

Big Love’s Ginnifer Goodwin to play Snow White in new ABC series ‘Once Upon a Time’

With HBO’s Big Love in its final season, one cast member hasn’t wasted any time finding new work: Ginnifer Goodwin.  Known for playing Margene Heffman on the hit show that focuses on polygamy, Ginnifer has a lengthy television history.  Working on shows and films  such as Law & Order, Ed, Porn ‘n Chicken, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Big Love it seems fitting that she follows up her cable success with a network television series.  Deadline broke the news that Ginnifer Goodwin has  been cast in the lead role of Snow White in the new ABC series Once Upon a Time.

According to Deadline the show will be produced by the same team of executive producers which brought the hit series Lost to the television screen: Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.  Deadline describes Once Upon a Time as a show that takes place in a small town in Maine where the line between fantasy, magic and reality are blurred.  Ginnifer’s character of Snow White is named Sister Mary Margaret who is somehow held captive by the evil queen, played by  Lana Parrilla.  At some point, viewers can expect to see a handsome prince bring Snow White back from the brink of death.

So how far can a television series go with fairy tales you ask?  Pretty far, one would presume.  All fairy tales (the basic plots) are in the public domain meaning the writers have full liberty to use the material as basis and take them any direction they want.  According to early reports viewers should expect to see other fairy tale storylines weaved into the series, not just Snow White.  What do you think about the casting?  Is Ginnifer Goodwin the perfect combination of raven hair with fair white skin to play the role?  Since Katy Perry wasn’t up for the part, we’re guessing Ginnifer was a perfect choice.

Hollywood.com reports that Horowitz and Kitsis began working on Once Upon a Time before the team came up with Lost.  No details yet on when the pilot should air.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer for Ginnifer Goodwin's new film, Something Borrowed.

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