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Survivor returns on Wednesday with new Redemption Island twist

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Written by : published Monday 14th February 2011

Survivor returns on Wednesday with new Redemption Island twist main image

As a journalist and huge Survivor fan, I must say that I am ecstatic about the new season of Survivor, and about being part of TheTVKing.com.  We're going to have some fun this season breaking down the happenings of each episode, and telling it like it is.  So introductions aside, let's dig in.

Survivor returns this Wednesday for it's 22nd season, and with a major twist that could change the face of the game.  That twist is "Redemption Island", explained best by Survivor's Executive Producer Mark Burnett:  "Yes, your flame is snuffed and you walk into a blue light but this time you don't go home.  You go to Redemption Island.  The very first person goes to Redemption Island...The next person is voted off by their tribe and are joining the first person at Redemption Island.  Now, person 1 and person 2 compete in the first challenge of Episode 3.  That is a face to face duel.  Some of the members of their tribes who had voted them out get to come and be spectators and watch this one on one duel.  You've got this moment of people who have been blindsided, kicked out, unwanted, and revengeful, seeing.  The eye to eye contact is very dramatic.  The duel happens.  The winner of Redemption Island stays on Redemption Island, the loser actually now goes home.  Next week, week 4, another person is voted out, they join that person at Redemption Island. Technically, you could be the very first person voted out, you could stay on Redemption Island, win these head to head, one on one challenges, week after week after week."

So to say this is a "twist" is to put it lightly, and my fear is this:  Does Redemption Island mark the end of the blindside?

Typically, when someone is "blindsided", there is justification for this because once that person is gone, they're gone.  You can go to drastic measures to blindside someone, because they can't do anything once they're out.  With Redemption Island now at play, will people be so cutthroat, knowing that the person they backstab may return to the game?

The good news is with Russell Hantz and Boston Rob returning to the game, we get two famous players who couldn't give a crap...I would not imagine that either of them would hesitate in blindsiding anybody they could to ensure themselves another few days.  So with my excitement for the new twist, the return of Rob and Russell, and the hopeful cast, I guess I have a few reservations that we will begin to see a new, nicer Survivor...where nobody backstabs or blindsides without a weepy apology, knowing they need to stay in that person's favor later in the game.

No better way than to watch and see what heppens!  Survivor: Redemption Island premieres this Wednesday, February 16th at 8 EST on CBS.

Check back in each week on Thursday for my exclusive analysis right here at TheTVKing.com...and for a collection of my work (including my Survivor Examiner column that I write weekly...including episode previews, recaps, and cast interviews), be sure to check out my blog, FilmSurvivor, for all the latest.

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Tom Santilli is a respected journalist and member of the Detroit Film Critics Society.  He writes several on-line columns, most notably as the Detroit Movie Examiner and the Survivor Examiner for Examiner.com.  He also is a contributor as a Survivor-Insider to TVGeekArmy.com and writes exclusive Survivor in-depth episode analysis for TheTVKing.com. He has been featured on Rob Cesternino's "Rob Has a Podcast" and most recently landed the only exclusive Richard Hatch interview given since his latest legal trouble has surfaced. All of Tom's Survivor coverage as well as movie reviews can be found on his blog the "FilmSurvivor", at FilmSurvivor.com

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