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Desperate Housewives Assassins summary

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Written by : published Sunday 9th January 2011

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Orson comes to dinner of coq au vin with Bree, whose boyfriend Keith shows up with the manure washed off, wearing a wifebeater tank top. Orson says that Keith is channelling Stanley Kowalski, and Keith misses the reference. Keith flings a bunch of mashed potatoes at Orson, and Orson flings the peas at Keith. Bree stands shocked, her gourmet cuisine forgotten. Hell hath no fury like a gourmet chef and housewive scorned.

Paul meanwhile sits in a hospital room answering the questions of bemused police detectives over who shot him. The police notice that Mrs. Young does not quite meet their scrutiny. But Paul sees Beth knitting, is a child on the way? Tom Sciavo has told Irene to back off telling Lynette. Susan, nanny to the Sciavo's baby, observes much. Susan has confronted Tom about the past relationship, and Renee works now in close contact with Lynette for their decorating business.

Susan realizes she needs a transplant, and counsels Renee (Vanessa Williams) to tell Lynette Sciavo about the affair she had with her husband. In the middle of lunch Renee breaks down, remembering during the course of their 26 year friendship Lynette has never known to fail. After the client leaves she unburdens herself. Lynette coldly leaves then comes back, because Renee is her ride. Lynette that night gives Tom "cold" hot chocolate, scalding him painfully. Lynette's rage over Tom's earlier unfaithfulness picks up, promising a bad time for him.

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