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Marc Dacascos returns to Hawaii Five-0 for episode Ke Kinohi

Hawaii Five-0 (2010) poster

Written by : published Thursday 6th January 2011

Marc Dacascos returns to Hawaii Five-0 for episode Ke Kinohi main image

The nomination for a Golden Globe (Hollywood Foreign Press Awards) leaves Scott Caan congratulating himself for the better chemistry partnership between Danno Williams and  Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin). But in the Hawaii 5-0 squad, deeper corruption inside the force may involve even the Governor (Jean Smart). Guest stars mine the casting couch of Hollywood TV screens for the last 30-40 years. More Hawaiian faces and stories come to life, with each Hawaii 5-0 episode named in a Polynesian language title.

A new mystery proceeds from the old one as the new face of Marc Dacascos (Wan Ho) replaces the Yakuza crime figure responsible for the McGarrett parental deaths. Marc Dascacos has starred in films such as Brotherhood of the Wolf, and TV programs such an iron chef. A martial arts expert, look forward to some serious action scenes between ninja McGarrett and the criminal element of the Ho character.

Danny makes new inroads with his own family life as new episodes show more of his ex-wife and family. Detective Williams may find that his old Jersey connections reach out as far as Hawaii during one episode.  The impact of the information mole in the crime ring's police inside man will flavor many cases to come. Kona may find a romantic interest, and the spectre of the safe house theft of $10 million will come back to haunt them.

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