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Survivor Nicaragua the final episodes reviewed

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Written by : published Wednesday 22nd December 2010

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The final five got down to some serious strategy after Jane was voted off. This was day 36. The final alliance of Holly, Chase, and Sash wanted to vote Fabio out, perceiving him as a big threat both for final challenges individually and in the potential final voting. Dan thought he continue go all the way but was the 8th person voted out. The final challenges are individual immunity, and the vote that came next was the final one to use a hidden Immunity Idol. The hidden threat of Fabio triumphed over all. Winning all three final immunity challenges, especially balancing the stack of coins on the hilt of a sword, was fingernail-biting suspense act because of what was on the line.


Without Jane (and Dan) the camp quieted down, and Sash started to wonder about his endgame. He'd need friends on the jury to win. Sash made no friends in Nicaragua. The rotten climate and scarcity of food made almost any physical challenge a joke in the final rounds. Fabio did not bend to Holly's attempt to rope him into an emergency alliance, and Fabio didn't even trust Sash when he vowed loyalty and friendship. Chase just acted like Hamlet, changing his mind according to whomever he spoke with. Fabio played his own game, not folding to the alliance who had already decided they'd win.


Dan (before his last night) got to Tribal Council and instead of playing a serious game just started chewing out Holly then after being voted out absolutely turned on all his fellow tribemates. Dan claims he shouldn't be voted off because he'll never be voted off because he already had money and won't get the win votes. Dan should have been told Sash and Fabio of this play, leaving Holly with no alliance. Dan leaves the torch snuffing letting fly a ton of invective.


Holly pretends she doesn't know how her story of being a small town and needing the money makes her a threat. Dan rightly points out that Holly is a bigger threat to the win with the specific jury. Holly actually says jury consideration is a set of attributes the final members need to vote on, which makes Dan's point. As someone who sat around camp, older-man Dan won no challenges is no challenge winner and is not a threat. Holly is lucky Dan was so tired or he would have pointed out even stronger how much of a threat that made her.


Considering Holly stole Dan's shoes all those weeks ago, this was an extremely longer game for her than many Survivor watchers thought she would have, and sadly her exit was the coldest. Dan missed a chance to send her the showers all those weeks ago, and he will probably regret it for the rest of his life. Flip flopper Chase was never a real sure thing in anybody's book. When Dan leaves this sets Fabio up to win the next challenge to continue his campaign to get rid of Holly. Cornered and helpless, Chase and Sash vote Holly off as 9th person off Survivor Nicaragua.


Fabio won an extremely difficult challenge, throwing the unprepared threesome of Sash, Chase and Holly into panic. Watching Chase stare at Fabio as he executes the puzzle from behind Holly, Sash and himself, shows everything. Fabio came from behind Dan to win it. Chase is panicked because his puzzle was missing a piece, which he knocked over onto the ground when he poured out the puzzle pieces. Ah, fortune! Holly can't give up saying how the Fabio factor is changing their alliance security. Fabio rightly suspects that Holly is the threat, with Dan playing senior citizen. Chase agrees but says it's too tough to vote off Holly.


Voting Dan off was the last room to spare. When Fabio wins an even tougher challenge next, all three alliance members rush to secure Fabio's goodwill. Fabio finally flips Sash to get Holly off. Holly got sent to Ponderosa because Fabio feared she might be too powerful with the woman's vote, and he got Sash and and Chase to go along with him. Holly seemed to be more enthusiastic after a month in the Nicaragua forest than during the first few weeks on Survivor. But Ponderosa is so full of sour grapes and rotten apples that the lead in to the Survivor Final tribal was dripping saliva. Analyzing final votes doesn't help Holly secure a Final Three place.


Poor Holly only got welcomed at Ponderosa by Aline and Brenda. Holly was almost surprised that lots of Pondorosa jury members didn't warm up. Marty still spoke at Ponderosa as if he would have been the winning one to take all the way. Naonka and Purple Kelly, who quit the game, manifested as though they were somehow still involved. Lots of angry faces going into the Final three Survivor tribal between Fabio, Chase and Sash. But with Holly missing, Chase got any of the negative vibe that missed Sash. Brenda said she didn't know who to vote for, with only her and Aline's votes were really up for grabs.


The final four of Sash, Chase, Holly and Fabio had an alliance dependent on one outcome: Fabio not winning any individual immunity challenges. But Sash suspected in the next to final episode that Fabio might sustain an idol grab guaranteeing immunity to the end. Jud, called Fabio, won all three, and they had no fallback strategy. Chase agreed. Voting Dan out was a weird bet that lost the game for Chase and Holly. Dan would have won no challenges. Fabio could have gone later. As the only woman left in the game Holly could have gotten all the Espada tribe votes.


The jury was shaping up of mostly women and former friends of Holly she had betrayed to get this far in the game. If Sash had cut Chase loose, he might have really started something. Chase had some enemies, but Sash was completely hated by the jury (the obviously safe one to take the final). Fabio used charm and laughter on the jury questions posed to him, while Sash was just grilled. Benry and Marty specifically would never vote for Chase. Fabio was right to get rid of Holly, because she was a threat to the final jury vote for him.


The Survivor Reunion show had a lot of odds and ends, mostly memorable for Jane winning the best player award voted by web audiences. The running for wining Survivor seemed to be mostly between Chase and Fabio, since Sash was so hated. As the flashback showed, Chase had lied to almost everybody voted out on the jury at all. Sash's dead-man-walking starvation showed a determined player considering he made it to the Final three. But Fabio's 'dumb-blonde' act hid a gifted intelligence and sharper persona, which he had held under the radar for over a month. And Fabio had not been sought for promises to break like Sash, so had no enemies.


Fabio won the million dollars, and many pundits and critics say the best man won. The "goofball" young guy fooled them all, he's actually sharp as a tack. The red carpet interviews showed that many of the players were not begrudging Fabio the win. The motto of Survivor is to outplay and outwit the other players. By hanging back and letting others take leadership positions and big alliances, they had been forced to break their word. Only Brenda and Aline voted for Chase, because they thought he wouldn't get any votes at all.


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