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CSI: New York Episode 10 - Shop Till You Drop Review

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Written by : published Saturday 18th December 2010

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A very good Christmas episode. As "It's really not cold outside' plays, Jo Danville (Sela Ward) leads Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) on a tour of New York's finest shopping stores. They stop in front of a veiled department store window, where a crowd waits for a store window ceremony to finish. Mac sees a pickpocket working the crowd pretending to shoot pictures with a camera. The Christmas holiday delight turns dead wrong.


They pause in the bust to see the window display. It's pretty until a divider turns and a young man falls gory and dead in front of everyone. A department store manager named Richard Grossman is the dead man. The woman Danville saw making angel wings in the snow is implicated by the pickpocket, whose is accused of doing the murder. He claims this woman came out of the store bathroom where Jo Danville found blood traces from the victim.


Danville goes back to the place in the snow she saw the woman. She is shown getting up to find a bloodstain in the snow. Elena says nothing as Jo interrogates her and then gives up. The CSI teams find an iron snowflakes from the window exhibit with blood spatter, possibly with impact blood as the murder weapon. It's found that Elena is an assistant manager at the store. The fingerprints on the snowflake are of her fiancee, a man with a history of assault . Pascal Denton was fired as the window designer six month ago. So what was he doing in the window?


A flashback shows that Grossman pushed Denton into a light fixture, causing burns. But Helena's bruises and scratches match the victim's corresponding injuries. Danville thinks the case be one of self defense. The subpoenas from the human resources department of the store show that Grossman was a vicious harasser. Jo employs every technique but can't get Elena to talk. She has Aruba plane tickets and cashed out her 401K. The CSI staff have to let her go, with the new D.A's rules of evidence.


At Stonefields, the department store, the cosmetics salesperson vouches for Elena. But a USB connector from the victim is a clue that camera device was in his hand. Mac traces the pickpocket's lost backpack full of wallets and they find the camera. The recovered video shows Elena stealing money. The store records show that the 112 cash registers under Elena could have missed $250K over time acceptable losses. The medical records collected after searching for Elena's DNA show she is dying of leukemia.


Elena meets Danville after her release and discusses the illness and the theft. Elena acknowledge her cancer and that Grossman was compelling sex out of her. Grossman forced sex the night in the store window, and Elena's efforts to fight back landed him dead. But then Elena tells Danville that she wanted to resign when she discovered her leukemia. Told of impending staff pink slips, Elena vowed to stay working and keep the employees who mattered for facing tough times. A flash forward shows all the needy store employees getting beige envelope of "bonus" cash.


Danville turns the case over to robbery, and an approving Mac observes that they will probably only get to it after Elena is dead.

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