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CSI: Las Vegas Episode 418 427 Review

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Written by : published Saturday 18th December 2010

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A harried young mother at a small market rushes through the express line, then gets shot in the parking lot. The CSI team discover the daughter was abducted. The mother was shot through the eye. The husband, an FBI agent, interrupts the autopsy. He argues with the forensic examiner Robbins then pushes his own arm through a glass door window. A second crime scene where the agent's son lives is examined, the agent goes bursting in through the door and contaminates the crime scene.


The FBI agent tells the CSI that a man named Ryland Gauss is responsible. The CSI squad break into Ryland's apartment, finding kid books hidden in a wall and adult pornography hidden between the mattresses. A tip sends the team to a nearby park, where Gauss' modus operandi lands him after a successful abuse of children. The CSI teams that the FBI agent was getting a divorce from his wife and had filed for sole custody of the daughter and stepson.


The CSI team rush to Gauss' apartment where the FBI agent stands over the dead body of Gauss. The agent's son is known to be schizophrenic and without his medication and is thought to be the witness in the car. Brass asks for the agent's service weapon and backup piece. Agent Moore refuses to believe that his son by be responsible. Moore Jr. is found psychotic with fear from Ryland Gauss. Brass identifies similar schizophrenia in the father during the interview.


But Trent Moore is so screwed up and suggestible without his meds he may have been talked into his theory of killing Gauss. At one point Trent Moore identifies himself as Ryland Gauss. The suspected child killer has already done time but got out on an evidence technicality on the metals used in the original case. Gauss taunts Moore at the HQ over the dead wife and missing children. The CSI squad examine the delivery hat found at the scene of Gauss' dead body. Trent Moore is a delivery boy.


The team find bedbugs in the hat, but these are not at known places in the headquarters. Trent Moore's gun killed Gauss but not the soccer mom and the other man dead at the scene. Captain Brass accuses the FBI agent of shooting his wife when he didn't know Trent Moore was in the van. Barre suggest that the father shooting the mother unhinged the son enough to run and hide the three year old little girl. Catherine hunts for places Trent might have hid Holly to be safe from "Ryland Gauss". Agent Moore confesses his shooting his wife to get the kids back, and Trent Moore collapse in schizophrenic agony.


Holy is found in a bedbug ridden motel with the woman Trent left her with when he left to get Gauss. Sadly, she now has a vegetable for a brother and a murderer FBI agent as a father. As Agent Moore sits in prison wearing an orange jumpsuit, Brass brings him the stuffed cat Holly treasures as her most special toy.


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