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NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 1 review

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Written by : published Friday 17th December 2010

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The undercover assignment of one of the NCIS Los Angeles team goes awry. Henrietta  (Hetty)   prods Callen  about his dreams of chasing the masked figure who evaded his chase. She also wants him to find a place to live. This episode refreshes the audience that Callen may have a sister named Amy somewhere. But the connection to a Naval Criminal Investigative Service is thin. Hetty sends Getz on a mission at the end of the episode, and buys him his childhood home to get him off the office sofa.

Hetty becomes worried when one of the agents doesn't surface for a preplanned undercover report and sets the team on finding him. This is about a human slavery ring working smuggling women and girls through the Mexican border. But the death of the Mexican team working the ring make the NCIS agents suspect the European man financing the operation. The LAPD detective briefs the team but gets blown up before they can find out what she's hiding. Worry about Beale intensifies.

Hetty uses old spycraft to meet with Beale, not telling the team . Callen follows her and overhears the meet. The Russian organizing the white slavery ring killed the Mexicans because he heard there was a dirty cop connection protecting the operation. LAPD meanwhile forbids the NCIS agents from investigating the connected officer's exploding car death. A shaken Beale describes to Hetty just missing dying in the hit because he left the car for a second.

Hanna and Blye roust the cocaine connection of the Russian mastermind off Hollywood Boulevard. Before they can make the bust the LAPD step in and cut them off. The NCIS lab tech uses the phone to identify the past calls. They trace the Russian to a disused power plant, where the team finds the Russian pistol whipping Beale. The Russian claims he knows a cop was dirty inside the white slavery ring. The team show up and work together to free Beale.

But who killed the investigating detective? They frame the LAPD supervisor into confessing being involved in the crimes. Beale reveals that he knows the dead female detective had her cousin snatched years ago from right next to her later found dead, and shows him a picture. He wonders how a cop like that could be the one involved with the slavers. Even after they have the cop in cuffs Beale loses it and beats the guy up, under pressure and under cover too long.

The episode ends with Callen isolating the camera of the hooded figure who evaded him in the chase. He sees on a computer screen the car the figure gets into, and realizes the rear view mirror is showing him a face. Episode ends with Callen lying on the floor of his old home, awash in memories.

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