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The Good Wife Episode Nine Hours Review

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Written by : published Friday 17th December 2010

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The Good Wife has many parallel tracks going on. Romance, the election, and the law firm partnership. Alicia gets a call in the morning at home. A clerk of the 7th appeals court asks her a cryptic question about an appeal she filed, will the firm be feeling an addendum. Alicia calls Will and Lockhart, who is at the prison. Kalinda tracks the court clerk to an association with Carey, their former associate Alicia busted for drugs who now works at the District Attorney’s office. Carey declines to give Kalinda anything. The imprisoned man is accused based on arson evidence.

Alicia’s daughter fixes French toast while she looks over the case of the man sentenced to die that night. Will calls all the staff into the firm to work on the nine hour window to file the documents. Alicia calls the clerk, who reiterates the deadline. It is determined that the judge in the appeal may have a religious calling to salvation, reversing his “law and order” bent. While Lockhart watches the man sentenced to die and tries to get his estranged daughter to see him, Will distracts the other employees while Kalinda’s rival Blake nabs legal file boxes from another (Alicia’s?) office. Peter gives his wife the tip that leads them to which judge is sympathetic.

Peter Florrick prepares at home with his strategist for his first election debate with Glenn Childs and Wendy Scott-Carr. Lockhart hears that the anesthetist is out of one of the drugs. Carey gets a call from Scheck, a business partner of his father’s telling him to lend a hand to the appeal. Meanwhile Alicia Florrick’s daughter is flirting with religious evangelism. Carey used his badge power to re-interview the guilty man’s other suspect. Despite an alibi the partnership of Will and Carey gets the appeal moving in the direction of the business partner of the sentenced to die man. The science of sleep drugs in use for execution is what is at stake. The judge rules a delay in the execution until the correct drug and not a substitute can be used. On television, a frustrated Peter Florrick tells off the interviewer saying that his marriage is “nobody’s damn business”.

The prison warden works to get the last vial of the barbiturate to the prison. Kalinda grabs the arson scientist at the airport and begs him to correct his legal opinion for Carter Wright’s defense. Lockhart meanwhile gets heat at the prison for trying to bend the rules because her overhearing the anesthetists phone call gets the delay in the execution. In the midst of it all, Alicia asks Will if they can have a moment alone sometime. Carter Wright’s daughter makes it in time to catch a glimpse of him in the hallway. Kalinda strong-arms the scientist into writing a new affidavit. The judge (Glindon) calls back to confirm the innocence belief form the attorney, Alicia. The media then announces the stay of execution and ordered new trial.

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