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CSI: Miami Episode Blood Sugar Review

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Written by : published Friday 17th December 2010

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An explosion in a sugar factory leaves one dead body and many unanswered questions. Why were so many illegals being rounded up? Who is the dead man a threat to? The team unmask some shoddy cost saving measures by the daughter of the plant owner. But the safety manager was out doing something, and Horatio unravels the alibi that has a lot of truth to it. The sugar factory has one child, a daughter. She has a legal team and has hired a hacker to discover some secrets.

Turns out the dead young man was engaged to a girl worker, they were to be married one month later. The team tries to identify why the killer dumped the body under a pile of sacks. Forensic evidence charts the death as happening inside the sugar silo, where one of the workers had watched intently before the explosion. Illegal immigration units arrive at the immigrant worker camp to round up the sister of the dead man's fiancée, and Horatio negotiates a 48 hour hold when the woman's sister crawls out form under the house and is arrested.

The team do the autopsy on the sugar covered caramelized body. A hidden file from the dead man shows he got a blood transfusion of a rare blood type only available from family. The owner of the sugar factory was the dead man's father. Posing as an illegal worker, the young man had been written into the will for a half share. Suspicion falls on the sister, but then Horatio positions a new clue to indicate one of the other workers had it in for the victim. The episode ends with the worker shooting the factory owner because when his son was being taken by immigration, the worker's own son was substituted in the bust for the owner's son.

Both the worker and the owner die in the shootout, despite Eric and Horatio trying to talk the shooter down. Horatio greenmails the sister into giving the two women college scholarships and gets them student visas.

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