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Hawaii Five-0 Christmas 2010 Episode Hana 'a'a Makehewa

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Written by : published Thursday 16th December 2010

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The Christmas episode of Hawaii Five-0 starts with a tough situation. Chin Ho (Daniel Dai Kim) is stuck with a collar with a explosive around his neck and the kidnapper will fire it off and kill him if his demands aren't met. One catch: the kidnapper is Victor Hess, the man who killed McGarrett's father. he survived the two shots and fall off the container ship into the sea, and has rigged McGarrett's life for a tough sleigh ride. Hess wants $10 million and safe passage off the island.


Flashback shows how a dead body in the water led the 5.0 team to surveillance photographs of a living Hess at a nearby resort. They go to their jail stooge, who gets out in exchange for leading them to someone who can facilitate finding Hess. The squad discovers the doctor who helped Hess after his shooting, dead in his home garage trauma lab. The two bullets Steve put in Hess are still in the surgical tray, expended. Tracking down Hess at a hostess club, they leave the prisoner in the car and he later drives off with Hess, making a mess for the team.


The team track the ankle bracelet on the prisoner to a marina yacht, where Chin Ho goes on board. Closing in on the bracelet signal, he gets hit on the head from behind and wakes up in front of police headquarters with an rigged explosive around his neck. McGarrett must act, but the governor has ruled out giving into Hess' "terrorist" demands. Hana reminds Chin Ho that he knows where they can get the money.


Steve and the team discuss a hidden police safe house of drug bust money and goods. Hana knows about it because Chin Ho lost his police career being accused of stealing from it. They go rogue and park a van and break into the safe room tunnel. Hana is questioned by a old lady who wants to know why they are parked in front of her condo and the van doesn't have any city seals on it. Steve breaks in and steals the $10 million they need. "Danno" is worried his Santa suit won't fit and he has 6 hours with his daughter on Christmas to enjoy with Grace.


McGarrett meets Hess, who throws the $10 million into the fire. A frantic McGarrett jumps him after alerting Hana to rifle snipe the detonator control out of Hess' hand. She does, and McGarrett violently subdues his perpetrator. But the jailbird has gotten away, and the episode ends with Steve not having told the Governor about the missing $10 million. Hess is in jail, but a scandal could ruin the relationship Steve has with the Governor and put them all in jail.


They release a grateful Chin Ho, who comes to Danno's to celebrate Christmas. They replaced his mail-order tree and a fitted suit comes out of thin air. The 5.0 is united on Christmas, and celebrate the win over Hess even as a shadow lurks over McGarrett's career.



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