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How I Met Your Mother 2010 Christmas Episode False Positive

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Written by : published Thursday 16th December 2010

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The gang undergoes a reaction to the news one of their group is pregnant, and forms determinations in their own lives relevant to this change. Then, when the news turns out not to be true (the false positive on the drugstore pregnancy detector) , they turn back from their new courses with comedic results. Marshall and Lily react with joy at the news, then are floored when the doctor tells them the test was a fluke. Barney is his typical self.

Robin stops looking for a serious journalist position, choosing instead to be the coin-tossing bimbo on an Alex Trebek game show "Flip a Coin for a Million Dollars". This is in reaction to the frustration she feels in not getting anywhere. But when she hears about the pregnancy, she questions her goals and opts for a low paid research job instead. When she gets the text about the false positive she takes the Trebek gig, shocking Ted. The bimbo position is now hers, instead of the low paying research job that could have led to the broadcasting career of her last New year's resolution.

When Lily announces her pregnancy, Barney's move is to shout "I never saw that woman before in my whole life" on instinct. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris)  takes his Christmas bonus and embraces the joy of giving. This takes the form of hilarious toys and condoms thrown at the beer crowd to a limo ride to a strip club. Then when he decides to go big-time, charitable, he confronts his stepfather, a priest played by Ben Vereen. Just as Barney is writing the check he gets the text about the pregnancy mistake and changes his donation from $100,000 to $100.


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