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30 Rock Christmas Attack Zone Episode Review

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Written by : published Wednesday 15th December 2010

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Liz announces to Donaghy that she is skipping Christmas at home due to converging chaos of relatives. Jack says he is sending Avery out of town and hosting his vicious mother, Colleen. Jenna is still broken up with Paul and denies to Liz that it's because of this she is upset not to attend a New Year's Eve party at Elton John's. The gay theme would have been perfect for her and her drag boyfriend. Liz says Carol is holed up at a resort in the sun with stewardesses. Liz is avoiding her father and other antagonistic relatives and wants a quiet peaceful Christmas.

Tracey Jordan refuses to record the promo for the network thanking Kablevision. Tracey is wearing a black turtleneck and a black beret since his Golden Globe nomination. There's a last minute call, NBC wants every show but the one Liz runs to do a promo. Kenneth probes Tracey about whether his new direction as a serious actor suits his comic gifts. Kenneth serves himself a buffet at the studio for Christmas with barrels dressed as "Mom" and "Dad". Dotcom and Tracey find him there when they try to destroy the DVD Tracey has bought up of his awful, Eddie Murphy-like slapstick comedy sequel.

Liz arrives at Jack's to find Avery still concealing her pregnancy at work and thus putting objects in front of her when the door opens. Liz cautions Jack that for Colleen not to know about the baby in unforgivable, but Fack says that his unmarried state gives Colleen enough abusive material. Colleen arrives to make Jack miserable enough that he calls Milton, his father. Milton is played by Alan Alda, and he is the secret father Colleen hid from Jack all those years. Jack invites Milton to share dinner with "the family".

Liz gets lost trying to find Colleen, while she plays a drama  card with Jack. Milton enters to her consternation and Jack's glee. Avery returns to have it out with Colleen as well. The sparring  goes too far and Colleen ends up in the hospital, where the final drama unfolds. Liz comes in just in time  for both Milton and Colleen to turn on Jack, blaming him and nagging him like "real parents". A misty eyed Jack turn to 'Lemon". It's a perfect Christmas.

Jenna meanwhile thinks of the perfect costume and can;t hold back any longer. Paul comes over because he as had the same idea  They are indeed birds of a feather. Tracey goes to a women;s shelter to show his new serious movie. he even had had to go on Charlie Rose, he tells Kenneth. As Tracey goes to play the tape, he sees how upset and depressed the audience is, full of battered women and kids. he plays the comedy tape, and soon the audience is agog with gross-out humor.

*The end credits are the outtakes from the comedy tape.


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