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Coming Soon To NBC The Cape Premiers January 2011

The Cape (2010) poster

Written by : published Wednesday 1st December 2010

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Calling all cars, a new action-hero drama from NBC is almost ready to be unveiled. The online fanbase is ready, looking for something beyond the network that brought them "Heroes". The mask as an element of a alter ego superhero is over, this is all about the cape. The Cape is part Batman, part "Phantom of the Opera" minus the Lady Gaga element, and moves as fast as Smallville on a quick news day. Can the everyman be a superhero? Three trailers, a preview and supertrailer now are available online for viewing.


"The Cape" stars David Lyons ("ER") as the title role caped crusader Vince Faraday, who starts out as a virtuous big-city policeman framed by corrupt cops and left for dead. he then picks up a cape and uses his powers for good on the other side of the existential axis. Faraday's wife and son think he is dead, furnishing real family fantasy drama. Dana Faraday (Jennifer Ferrin, "Life on Mars") watches her husband flee a paid security force and blow up on a CNN style police chase. Vince's prized quality time with his son Trip (Ryan Wynott, "Flash Forward") reading the boy's favorite superhero comic book, the Cape, become his own caper.


Palm City, the town where Faraday was employed, is fallen to a corrupt policing machine. Where is the Bruce Wayne factor? Peter Fleming comes close as the architect of a security subcontractor ARC in a town coincidentally overrun with security problems and wild crime. James Frain plays Fleming (Chess), who moves the people of Palm City around like pieces on a game board. But Chess has cunning enemies snapping at his heels as well.


Those movie fans who have enjoyed James Frain in everything from Edith Wharton's "The Buccaneers" to the film "Elizabeth" to Showtime's "The Tudors" will see him here as as billionaire Peter Fleming who does a Joker turn with his own dark side. Frain attended Comic-Con to promote the show, saying "evil, evil evil" when asked to comment on his character. Fleming may own a piece of all the souls crawling around the Palm City streets. Chess keeps his henchman and ARC security force 'cleaning" down the streets of Palm City.


"The Cape" premieres on NBC TV January 9th 2011. Comic Con previewed the episode for convention goers and convened a panel whose clips can be found at YouTube. Some of the viewers criticized it as too gamelike or similar to a comic book. But gaming is big business these days, and with the carryover into a comic book, NBC hopes to capture that market. if they'll spend hours playing warcraft surely they will watch 45 minutes of TV?


The game as a character name? Sure why not. Chess is an enemy of the Palm City police force, which becomes an asset from the day Faraday becomes a dead man. Fate positions Faraday in a weird place suddenly he is apt to take career advice from Chess in becoming the figure known as the Cape. Running away to join the circus gives Faraday a new skill set. Faraday uses his cape as a weapon instead of a firearm for surprising results. The flipped values give Faraday the cape crusader power whereas Faraday the cop was in a straitjacket.


Familiar face Keith David ("Death at a Funeral")appears in "The Cape "as Max Malini, part of a circus troupe whose unscheduled bank stops have the police spinning in place. Gamers should love hearing Max's voice, as Keith David is the game voice of Arbiter in Halo 2 & 3 and Capt. Andersen in Mass Effect and Barricade In Transformers. How does Malini connect with Fleming? In Palm City, everyone connects with Fleming. Stay tuned. David hasn't been this incisive since Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick.


Summer Glau (best known from the TV's Sarah Connor Chronicles) meet The Cape in a dark alley one night. She's an investigative blogger who also goes to the streets to understand why Palm City is so oppressed by corruption and violence. She uses the power of the online pen to fight crime in Palm City and encounters the cape as both an antihero and a news source. Faraday himself, before "dying", has been tipped off by a mysterious informer, "Orwell". The Cape discovers that Orwell is this person, and they join forces.


Dorian Missick ("Six Degrees") appears as Marty Voyt, a former police detective and Faraday's former partner. The Palm City PD seems to be shipping out its talent in one way or another. Will he be a friend to the Cape and a friend to the man (superman) Faraday has become? Or does he guard secrets of his own and will betrayal of the Cape's identity become a valuable pawn in his own game? Voyt's the one who answers his partner's call about the train cars with an ARC thug force with a needle for Faraday. Revenge for Voyt's betrayal may be closer to Faraday's heart than all the Vermeers in Palm City.



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