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CSI: Las Vegas Season 11 Episode Reviews And Links

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Written by : published Wednesday 1st December 2010

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Season 11, Episode 1: Shock Waves

Original Air Date - 3 September 2010

Justin Bieber and Sienna Guillory guest star. A funeral of a dead comrade provide bombers with a opportunity for anarchy and chaos, while Langston still reacts to Haskell's stabbing. Nick is involved with the dead officer's death, and leaves the funeral, spotting a suspicious van nearby. Roaches tip Nick off and he discovers a deadly paid of bombs. Then the funeral blows up. Nick wards off the fleeing funeral attendees, but suffers severe shock himself.

This episode centers around the attacks by a man and his brother from a local community center. The extent of the damage he has planned is exhibited by the three bombs that go off. The crime is far from solved. The CSI enforcement team is shown as a target for the terrorism sweeping the country and agencies worldwide is visited upon the Las Vegas facility. The toll the life of a investigator takes is shown in the tension between Catherine and Brass, and Nick being told to leave the funeral because he was the one who sent him into the Jekyll lair to his death.

Season 11, Episode 2: Pool Shark

Original Air Date - 3 September 2010

A dead girl with her arm bitten off is found in a Las Vegas hotel pool during a daytime pool party. Elements of "Jaws" resonate as people party during the  shark attack. The hotel patrons freak and rush out of the water. Why was the girl murdered? Just getting the "perp" out of the water is a strange task for Nick. This is just the start of the problems. How did the shark get there and why did he do it? The first step leads to a hotel employee who stole the jewelry off the dead girl's arm. The next step leads to the man who trains the shark for the Las Vegas hotel exhibits.

Two slick casino owners vi with each other for the exotic fish exhibit that railroads tourists. Catherine's old-school Las Vegas ties come back into play as one of her father's friends, now a big casino owner, works his charm and the old tie to influence her opinion. Who did it? The vet, a shark wrangler who took money from both owners to prank the other. The double cross gets found out, and the vet gets "tanked". Did Catherine's father's crony do it?

No. The younger hotel owner is the guilty one, after arranging to make the attack happen at his competitor's resort. He got the hotel valet to get the cars set up. As one of Catherine's many Las Vegas strip "uncles" put it, the feuds never get put away. The summit meeting Catherine arranged between the two hotel casino owners didn't settle anything. This episode shows that Catherine's ties to the old era Las Vegas never die.

Season 11, Episode 3: Blood Moon

Original Air Date  - 7 October 2010

This is the "Twilight" episode. A Goth convention in Las Vegas pits the groupie dress-up vampire "clans" against the werewolf ones. People dressed up take the idea a little too seriously, like in this case. A dead "vampire" young man is found having been beaten crazily and stuck to a fence. One catch: he was to have been married the next day. His bride was a member of the vampire group, and investigation of the "gangs" of the convention reveal the fiancee's secret past. Turns out he fell in love with the girl a year ago, and used to be a "werewolf". One of his old clan identify him at the convention and share the secret with the bloodsuckers. A jealous informer on the werewolf side then turns his old werewolf family against him, and he is violently killed by them when his "race" is discovered.

Season 11, Episode 4: Sqweegel

Original Air Date—14 October 2010

Ann-Margret, a legendary Las Vegas performer, appears in this episode. She plays a pillar of the Las Vegas community, wealthy and influential, but gets attacked mysteriously when lying asleep in her own mansion. The CSI staff discover a custom made rubber suit, and a long lost secret. The killer is killing women who have a betrayal secret in their lives which the killer knows about. He lives on oranges in a  secret attic chamber above their bed and even sleeps silently below it while his victims do. The woman is stunned to realize someone knows her secret.

When a woman committing adultery takes her daughter through the car wash, the young girl survives the mother's murder. She calls the murderer "Sqweegel", the sound of the windshield wipers during the car wash. Ann-Margret's character doesn't know the killer but acts guilty, and pictures of her son were slashed on the walls of her mansion on the night of the attack. The murderer read her letters and diaries, which revealed her murder/suicide of her terminally ill child in the late 1960's. The young son had begged her to end his life, and she pushed his wheelchair into the pool. The shocked CSI team set a trap and grab the killer, an EMT they work with every day and know all too well.

Season 11, Episode 5: House of Hoarders

Original Air Date - 21 October 2010

A pack rat woman has a body amidst her pile of junk, and the CSI crew try to find the murderer while navigating pathways of junk in the trashy filed home. The body of a young woman is there to the dismay of its owner Mrs. Santiago. Then Nick and the gang find another body, possibly the owner's husband. Mrs. Santiago is a hoarder, whose personal trauma is evidenced by her high functioning out side the home but arrested behavior inside it. This is truly a Halloween episode for the ages. The density of the trash confuses everyone.

The "roach motel" has three more bodies hiding in it. Nick suggests the lady was cleaning her home for the city notice, but Prescott observes the assorted junk piles are grouped according to Mrs. Santiago's involvement with it at a certain time in her life. Alisa Santiago is found gagged inside the home, and Julian Santiago, the brother, is the main suspect. Alisa claims her mother did it but the connection to the three young male bodies is the halfway house where Julian is director.
The ending is such that all loose ends seem tied up, but the pathology of the Santiago family can;t be unraveled.

Season 11, Episode 6: Cold Blooded

Original Air Date - 28 October 2010

Freakish bite marks on a body found in the desert alert the CSI team something is up. They find that a dinosaur T-Rex exhibit "accidentally" mauled a young male student to death. Actual victim's blood is on the animatronic dinosaur's teeth. The young man's interest in the dinosaur may have caused him to bend the rules inspecting the robot and fall into the jaws of the herbivorous "animal". But seeing his girlfriend kissing another man may have done it too.

On the other plot-line, an older man is connected to new evidence concerning a "cold" missing persons case.  Phil Kohler is found dead, and his daughter went missing five years ago. Death conditions look murky when the CSI team try to solve the case. Nick recognizes the man from the earlier case and his wife Carly has much to hide but not what they think. A vicious killer is actually dead but someone else is profiting from the victim's families' grief.

Soap opera actress Jessica Hecht is a woman driven to desperation by a greedy blackmailer. Sadly, the murder of two young girls gets complicated when the real murderer dies with a greedy jail guard observing the details. She couldn't get the one father of the abducted girl to help her because he hung himself. Her efforts to raise cash to be taken to the burial sites of not only her daughter's but the other family's is a ruse. the CSI team find the bodies, and many others.

Season 11, Episode 7: Bump and Grind

Original Air Date - 4 November 2010

The secrets in the sauce for this one. Quahog clams are the secret main ingredient. The episode lead-in features a chopping of ingredients, someone is in the kitchen. A shredded credit card and a human ear go into the mix. The chef then force feeds a tied up victim unseen by the camera. A sadistic but creative killer is at work.

Then CSI gang arrives at a truck loading dock to investigate mysterious "goo". One of the trucks is unloaded, spilling trash everywhere. Brass sees an eyeball and they process a shredded body with fragments of a credit card. Nick and Catherine check out the processing facility where plastic boxes of 'parts" get stored at distant locations. The amassed pile of body parts begins to paint a picture, complete with bullet wound to the head.

But back at CSI HQ, Langston receives a bean in the mail from Haskell, his stabber from episode 1. The identification of the body begins with the credit card, whose owner is called in. Ironically the man, Larry Lamotte, is head of a identity theft protection firm. But his rep is terrible, he;s been selling the very identities he was hired to protect. One man, Devries, was a victim and drove a truck through the company storefront. The CSI team discovers that after 6 months in jail he went to work at the shredding company that processes the Lamotte trash.

Sara follows a lead which heads the team to the home of Caplan, the Lamotte company's head of security. He owns the company that handles the bins, and blood has been found on them. The man owns a gun and has lots of canned Quahog clams. Caplan is found dead, and interrogation of Lamotte reveals Caplan had a former identity as a vicious mob boss. This mob character had a rep for eating shredded stuff not on any menu. Lamotte's own identity is then found to be faked.

The CSI team reveal that "Lamotte" is actually Arlo Cardin, a former partner of Lamotte's. After killing Lamotte in a gun battle he walked out of a Las Vegas hospital years ago.Cardin  then claims Lamotte discovered the ruse and demanded $5 million. He then states that Caplan was assigned to pay him off. The CSI team find that the executive assistant tapped the account and rented a car in deVries' name to throw off police. Working for Cardin, she was privy to the con. Cardin gets booked for murder, evidently he caught Caplan after his personal "feast' on the real Lamotte and tried to shred the evidence.

The bad news for Langston is that Haskell is back, if only by mail.

Season 11, Episode 8: Fracked

Original Air Date - 11 November 2010

Deaths keep piling up for men living in a ranch-land suburb of Las Vegas. One pops up in a  river, the other in red light district. What's the connection? A small town reporter knows more than she will tell, and the CSI team slowly realize the killer is more than just animal vegetable and mineral. Natural gas mining is poisoning the ground water table and fracking (harmful gas mining practices) are forcing ugly toxins and minerals into well water. The reporter herself is very ill.

Both dead men and their deceased wives suffered from advanced cancer, which evidently is rife throughout the (gas-mined) region. One ranch owner, frustrated and enraged at the lengths he has gone to save himself his wife and the community, ignites a well full of gas right in front of them, torching himself as a result. This incinerates Catherine to pursue the matter. The newspaper reporter comes clean when her insider, an employee of the natural gas company, is found in a staged accident., and the CSI team get the goods on the company.

Season 11: Episode 9 - Wild Life

Original Air Date - 18 November 2010

Great dual murder episode as a bitter, abusive, crabby old couple are found dead with nobody else in their home but a caged parrot and cat under the bed. Turns out the feud between the animals caused concurrent accidents. The cat attacked the parrot in the shower, and the old man fell and hit his head.  The woman was attacked by the crazed parrot, and flung to the floor. The trained parrot called 911, and then shut the door of his cage after flying back into it.

At one of the Las Vegas hotels, a dead man is found dead, fallen from over a high balcony, and two women cry rape but the investigation says something else. The hotel room supposedly had two people, but the number and the story grows day by day. One woman is traumatized, and the other is in the hospital. But every step of the CSI staff takes the story further from the truth. Catherine and the main suspect slowly unravel the truth.

After taking "Rufies" at a bar, the women became aggressive and things got out of hand. The scene at the hotel went to far and when her head cleared, a man was dead one second after some enjoyable moments right in the middle of their encounter. Catherine and Langston physically re-enact the balcony sex scene in the lab to determine that the murder was an accident. The paint stains found on the pants of Langston after falling in the lab (off the balcony) match the patterns on the man dead after falling off the balcony "interruptus in flagrante majorus".


I can't quite believe that CSI has reached 11 seasons already! If like me you missed out on any of the action then get yourself a box set or 10. Always with the best prices my first call is Amazon, for box sets

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