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CSI: Miami Season 9 Episode Reviews and Lnks

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Written by : published Wednesday 1st December 2010

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Season 9, Episode 1: Fallen

Original Air Date - 3 October 2010

The opening scene shows a frantic Delko rescuing an unconscious Calleigh from a massacre at the Miami Dade police HQ. Eric fades as the gas fills his lungs and he staggers with Calleigh to the elevator. Horatio comes in with gun drawn, and Erik gestures to the windows. Horatio blows the HQ glass windows, and the Miami tropical breeze immediately disperses the gas. Cardoza (Mark Cibrian) is killed by episode's end. Professor Starling is behind the gas attack in the crime lab, but his accomplice is who the CSO team want to find.

Season 9, Episode 2: Sudden Death

Original Air Date - 10 October 2010

Big city sports takes over the CSI team but as always, Horatio's prerogatives are nothing but the truth. Right before the professional football draft, a college quarterback is the suspect for a CSI case of a dead nightclub worker. When a bottle service girl is murdered at an exclusive club in the player's cabana,  Horatio must search Miami's yacht slumming high life to find a troubled witness and another worker who lies to them until their investigations yield the truth.

Season 9, Episode 3: See No Evil

Original Air Date -17 October 2010

A blind man and a body make the CSI investigators face a riddle. What did he or didn't he see, and is he lying, and why? Horatio's past rises up as the blind one claims he heard the killing. The CSI investigation points to someone they already know and do not love. Can Horatio face his demons calmly enough to bring a killer in?

Season 9, Episode 4: Manhunt

Original Air Date - 24 October 2010

A prison break sets the stage for the CSI working under the gun this time around. Senor Memmo Fierro killed both Horatio's wife and Delko's sister, and when he escapes prison his daughter,  in foster care, is his target. The stakes and emotional feelings run high on this one, but can the CSI team figure it out in time to save her?

Season 9, Episode 5: Sleepless in Miami

Original Air Date -31 October 2010

Can people commit murder in their dreams? Horatio suspects a man who has suffered a trance may be lying about the severed head found buried next to him. Natalia Boa Vista (Eva laRue) goes undercover to suss out what really happened. (PBS had a very similar "Mystery" episode with Clive Owen about 10 years ago). Horatio detects the fly in the ointment.

Season 9, Episode 6: Reality Kills

Original Air Date -14 November 2010

Great spoof show about a "Real Jersey"-like reality show with house-mates who might just want to kill each other. Delko is working security at a MTV-House type of event when one cast member pitches dead off the balcony. But the CSI team can't find the murder weapon. Turns out all the cast members have something to hide. One, a sleazy "Situation" type guy on the show, is actually a seminary student. Another cast mate is an MIT grad whose dumb act keeps her phone ringing. Forensics discover the dead woman was pregnant. The TV show pictures her in bed with a few men.

The CSI team are appalled when the cast members turn release from the station questioning into a press photo call. And a freak attack gives them a red herring. But he's not the guilty party to the murder. The next Reality cast member has a sub-trade distributing drugs at clubs. The CSI team find likely weapons on all the cast, puzzling them further. Video footage from a club shows drug activity. When a car crash victim is identified as dying of one of the designer drugs he passed, the CSI team find the bad drug maker and his lab. Horatio gets the drug batch to the lab in time to save the dying man. The scenes are interspersed with "video" from the Reality show.

The CSI team uncovers weirdly opposite identities and backgrounds to the characters the actors play on the reality show. The dead girl was actually secretly married to a black man and came from Darien, Connecticut, hardly in sync with her drunkard party girl image. The CSI team determine that a fellow cast mate learned she was leaving the show. The torch in an ice sculpture of the Statue of Liberty was the murder weapon, and traces of spray tan gel at the base of the melted statue identify the killer.

Season 9, Episode 7: On the Hook

Original Air Date -21 November 2010
A man fishing in the water witnesses a suicide attempt on a Miami over bridge, but gets shot by a  rifle while phoning 911. The CSI team try to narrow the suspects and the jumper isn't telling everything. The fishing man has a business he's trying to keep alive, with an ex-partner suing him who happens to love rifles. The man runs a gambling book, and his high-rise bookmaking pad shows how his "business" has a lot of illegal gambling clients the CSI team want to know more about.

They haul the fisherman in again, but he gets angry. A elevated train tries to snipe the man while Horatio is escorting him through the station, and the entire place dives to the floor as glass breaks and bullets hail. The CSI team  combs the elevator platform. The fisherman gets arrested for illegal gambling but his lawyer gets him out, and before he leaves he makes a point about safety, angrily telling the CSI unit he'll take his chances outside (the wrecked station).

CSI find the rifle atop a building hidden in a vent, and the prints identify a local thug. The CSI unit captures and questions him, but he denies everything and asks for his parole officer. The CSI investigators realize the same probation officer is on the thug and the jumper's case. And the cousin of the jumper comes to get him and is recognized from a shoplifting charge months ago. But the jumper changes his story, and Horatio questions him again when they visit his house after calls of excessive disturbance are made to local police.

Calleigh takes the remnants found where the elevated train was stopped after the shooting. She pieces together a home made gun from various household implements. Horatio realizes the noise for the disturbance call was from the jumper re-assembling a gun from various things in his apartment, a pipe, a spring from a chair, etc. He sends a CSI tech to get traces from the sink.

But Horatio's intuition tells him the jumper is working form a variety of mental places. Horatio questions the jumper, who confesses that the probation officer ordered another hit on the fishing man when the rifle was traced the first time. The thug also admits to being hired by the parole officer. The CSI agents realize the probation officer has been threatening his parolees to do criminal acts under threat of being taken back to the slammer.

Horatio intuits that that jumper wanted to stop the event from happening, and is told the probation officer approached the jumper first to do the job. But he said no and the parole officer got the thug to do it, giving him the gun. The jumper's cousin has been kidnapped as leverage to make him do the murder, and Horatio busts into the remotely hidden RV where the girl is being kept just as the probation officer is going to rape her. Horatio throws the guy through the RV window. The jumper will do time but Horatio lets her get a phone call from the rescued cousin first.


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