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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode Links

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Written by : published Tuesday 30th November 2010

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The evolution of serial killer and ersatz mastermind Red John started last season when Patrick Jane revealed Red John's criminal profile to adoring fans on television. But not all of the team believes red John is gone for good, especially when the former cases it was believed that Red John was luring his new nemesis Jane. But Jane bucks the system in his unconventional way and tries to evade protocol, which removed the duo form the Red John case because the evidence is strong the crimes will continue because Jane will bite forever on the Red John line.


Jane was jailed for spying on Bosco, who later died asking Jane to look after Lisbon. Lisbon's softer side slants to Jane, yet she never really breaks down and neither does he. These are too fairly damaged human beings navigating a hinterland of criminal violence and psychological damage. Patrick Jane, the former childhood carnival psychic, now uses his instincts to follow the road less followed. Lisbon centers his approach in a manner very much like "Medium"'s husband and wife team. But Red John may break their fragile connection.


The ex-psychic Patrick Jane and by-the-book cop buddy Lisbon get closer to Red John while solving cases along the way. Last season an impostor forced Red John into the open, and a suspect dies whispering the fatal poem "Tyger, tyger' lines to Patrick, implying a link to the possible apprehension was ignored. Jane is clever, but the game playing killers are even more clever.


Red John last struck in the very CBI office, killing three agents and wounding Sam Bosco. More of those great car conversations between Lisbon and Patrick, always entertaining. Lisbon plans on a judicial process arrest and court date, but Jane states that won't happen and he will use more direct methods to put Red John down. This set the tone for the confrontation not between red John and Jane, which will undoubtedly happen, but what Lisbon will do to stop Jane from revenging his wife and daughter's death


Season 3, Episode 1: Red Sky at Night


Patrick Jane pursues the murderer of a lobbyist while keeping an eye on the possible goings-on of Red John.


Season 3, Episode 2: Cackle-Bladder Blood


Jane gets tapped on the shoulder in connection with an uncomfortable family tie. His brother in law may be involved in a scam where a body inconvenient ruins the con.


Season 3, Episode 3: The Blood on His Hands


While CBI discovers cult involvement that a cult is behind their latest investigation Patrick gets tipped to Red John's kidnapping of Kristina Frye. But is red John toying with Jane using Frye as bait?


Season 3, Episode 4: Red Carpet Treatment


Patrick spars with a talk show host with a legal background when the CBI has to reopen a DNA case gone wrong with a faulty conviction.


Season 3, Episode 5: The Red Ponies


When an ex-jockey is found dead, Patrick heads to the racetrack to find some answers.


Season 3, Episode 6: Pink Chanel Suit


Jane's instincts are shouting "inside job" when a man connected to a high ranking federal judge dies and the judge's daughter is missing.


Season 3, Episode 7: Red Hot


It's a small world after all when CBI chases a Russian businessman's murder. But this time it's Lisbon's turn for a blast from the past to take a turn in the case.


Season 3, Episode 8: Ball of Fire


Lisbon swallows her ethics and make a Faustian bargain to get Jane back when a fanatic abducts him for personal reasons.


Season 3, Episode 9: Red Moon


A comically fake astrologer, Ellis Mars, introduces a lunar motif for the triple homicide the CBI investigates. Mars is arrested as Patrick frames him to shoot the astrologer "suspect". But the last laugh is on Jane when the EMT worker sets himself on fire before a final meeting with the ex-psychic. He whispers the fatal poem words to Patrick, and triumphantly dies as a result of the self inflicted burns. is Jane's last solid link with his family's killer gone?


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