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Medium Season 7 catch-up and episode links

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Written by : published Monday 29th November 2010

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The Medium is about Allison Dubois,(Patricia Arquette)  a mother of three who has discovered a gift. She detects a series of events that turn out to be true. The trick is about getting to the right people to prevent a crime from being committed and/or catching the perpetrators. Allison works for the District Attorney's office, sharing her dreams with her husband and the department to isolate crimes and criminals and solve cases with supernatural help. Allison's husband Joe Dubois  (Jake Weber)contends with the difficulty of living with a woman who sees the truth in her dreams. Their eldest daughter also has a confirmed supernatural gift. One daughter has the gift, the others don't.

Season 7, Episode 1: Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

Original Air Date—24 September 2010

Scanlon and Allison become aware of exploitive uploaded videos of tortured senior citizen men online for dollars. The computer crimes division identifies a young man as the suspect. Allison and Bridget both dream about him. But a Freaky Friday body exchange occurs and Allison is stuck inside the body of her daughter Bridget and vice versa. A tortured older man on the videos, Walter Durant, shows up dead. Did the uploader kill him? Durant had a sweet life insurance policy. 

Bridget in Allison's body wanders around. She ends up at police HQ helping Joe on a case as her parents (Joe and Bridget) walk in. The Freaky Friday switch exchanges back when the vital clue comes on the screen. His son may or may not be telling the truth.  Durant's son is caught on B roll of the uploader's film berating him, after telling police he hadn't seen his father for a while. Solving the case is tough with the exchanged roles.The actresses of mom and daughter Dubois do a great job acting like each other.

Season 7, Episode 2: The Match Game

Original Air Date—1 October 2010

While investigating a rash of murders, Allison dreams/sees a strangler in action. Centennial Park is where the killings are happening and bodies are piling up. She also sees graphic symbols over the heads of people and their soul mates and starts hooking people up. Joe thinks a doctor's visit is in order. The youngest Dubois girl, Drew, starts having dreams above her maturity level and creative means are employed to explain them to her. The people in bed are "playing" and waiting for their clothes to dry, she is told. Drew details they are at the Hotel Shangri-La.

Allison sees a match symbol to a local resterateur on her new doctor's forehead. The chef is the President of the Centennial Park Small Business Association.  Allison schedules a lunch with the doctor at the Italian restaurant and the pair meet cute. But Joe Dubois has to govern a case of sexual harassment at work. Joe telles the man not to speak to the woman after she makes a complaint, but he says some volatile things to her afterward and Joe is blamed. The woman puts some creepy moves on Joe and he may be sued in turn. Joe walks away, but her determination is scary to get money out of the lawsuit. The Strangler's puzzling fate is revealed.

But the youngest Dubois girl dreams of the "playing" people in their underwear at the hotel again, wrestling on the bed. As Joe and Allison deconstruct Lee Scanlon's downward spiral, Drew comes in. The pictures of the harassment people involved cross Joe's breakfast table as lawsuit reading. Drew has recognized them and tells Joe, who understands at once. The harassment suit is a setup. The Dubois husband and wife storylines combine with a clever piece of writing. Great scene as Joe presents Shangri-La hotel matchboxes to the stunned "employees". He demands their resignations because the Hotel Shangri-La has a great video system and he's seen the tapes.

Season 7, Episode 3: Means and Ends

Original Air Date—8 October 2010

Scanlon is freaked out by dreams of his late brother, Paul, a rapist. The boys had an abusive father, and their personalities are polarized to Mr. Good and Mr. Bad. The past comes back to the present, spooking both Scanlon and Allison. Then Allison dreams Scanlon brutally beats an abusive father in the present, and circumstances the next day don't look too good. She starts to suspect he may not be all there morally. Dartmouth has accepted Ariel, whose preparation for college mean new changes for the Dubois household.The karmic pressure builds around Scanlon.

His dead brother Paul's criminal past  raises doubts in Allison's mind about the Lee, who bullied the wife of the man he beat up to drop the case. Medical concerns return for Allison.Bridget sees her first vision and gets involved in the case work her mother finds so involving. The college roommate Melissa turns out to be a dead girl. The Dubois household deals with both Bridget's visions and her new collection of friends. The girl Ariel tried to buy a car from a girl for a road trip to Dartmouth is also missing, and Bridget dreams the girl is being stalked by her uncle and killed. When she went to buy the car, the images were there as well.

Allison looks up the uncle's rap sheet. Allison and Dubois get Scanlon on the case. Scanlon tracks the uncle to a dentist's building. The problem is, Scanlon falls asleep while tracking  the man and wakes up to find his prey escaped. Paul Scanlon taunts his brother as he fumbles the investigation. Scanlon dials the police who mistakenly pull over the perp. This supposedly scares him off visiting his abducted victim. He holds a press conference the next day and posts  $100,000 reward for his niece.

We see later that the uncle faked a dental procedure to get pills to calm the kidnapped girl down. He confesses to his trapped niece that he killed another girl, and we suspect that it's Melissa the 'Texas roommate". Ariel confirms to Davalos the details. Joe Davalos gets forensic DNA off Melissa's exhumed body to nail the uncle, where he had been doing construction work all those years ago. Ariel supports the capture of the killer and the location of the abducted girl with the DNA collected. She's malnourished but will live to see another day.

Allison has resisted testifying at the trial of Scanlon due to his weird attitude and her dreams. She changes her mind about testifying, but dreams about Lee Scanlon doorstepping the beating victim's wife. Lee has done some homework and threatens her with her own buried demons and arrest warrant, which will surface if the husband presses charges. He taunts her (Paul-style) about what will happen to her son left alone with the abusive father. Allison tells Lee to his face she doesn't know him, recognize him, anymore.

Season 7, Episode 4: How to Kill a Good Guy

Original Air Date—15 October 2010

Allison gets a Sixth Sense experience when Scanlon's dead brother reaches out to set a trap for him. Allison yet again gets played by the dead. The dead brother Paul Scanlon has started to play one final game of "King of the Hill" with his younger brother from beyond the grave. The grungy bathroom and the reason for all the dreams is revealed. Lee Scanlon meets his end as his brother's ghost laughs maniacally over him. The whole murder plot was a device to lure Scanlon to the bathroom trap.

The eerie bathroom and the flickering lamp backlight the karmic confrontation. Scanlon comes face to face with his brother after death and Paul cackles with victory, but paramedics bring Scanlon back. Allison apologizes she was wrong to the resuscitated body of Lee on the ambulance stretcher. Ariel's acceptance to Dartmouth means her moving to New Hampshire and this doesn't make everyone happy. Ariel stresses to Bridget although she is going away, her room is still hers and Bridget is just borrowing it.

Season 7, Episode 5: Talk to the Hand

Original Air Date—22 October 2010

Allison's skin graft causes a phantom limb with a mind of its own. Allison burns her hand on boiling water and thus  builds a Halloween themed episode. Anonymous donor hand grafting gives Allison a zombie feeling, and the mystery of the woman to whom it belonged unravels.

Season 7, Episode 6: Where Were You When...?

Original Air Date—29 October 2010

Allison dreams up an incident with Groundhog Day deja vu. Every time she touches someone an impending earthquake event appears in her mind with the scenario of where that person will be during the earthquake and what they are doing. One of these flash incidents is Joe Dubois vandalizing the garage.The eventual discovery of the foreclosed home vandalist (Bridget!!!) is the plot that keeps winding while Ariel's college story prepares her exit from the show.

Season 7, Episode 7: Native Tongue

Original Air Date—5 November 2010

Allison's dream of a trailer fire sets a plot in motion. Can't Joe Dubois get a good night's sleep? People running around the desert are doing some kind of evil. Allison clearly sees an accomplice murder a woman. But the new best friend has some secrets, which Allison realizes too late. She and Jane, a saved would-be victim, become friends. Knowledge of the the Navajo community is the trademark of the killer, and soon Allison smells something is rotten. Betrayal is once again a theme of murder and friendship.

Season 7, Episode 8: Smoke Damage

Original Air Date—12 November 2010

Allison's dreams of a woman trapped in a burning room take one bizarre turn after the other. First the young girl hysterically dies, then she is saved, then she is killed by the fireman who saved her before. The face she connects with is a model citizen fireman with a laundry list of awards and citations. The dreams lead to a dead end, or do they? Allison's dreams show that the fireman sets a basement fire on purpose and the dead man who confronted him there ends up in the paper. He was a big shot union leader. Allison believes from her dreams that the "model fireman" is a contract killer receiving metal suitcases of cash with a select job roster.

Devalos gets tapped for  mayor,  but his wife's private past could ruin such a future. Their oldest friends' husband is the opponent, who warns Joe he'll use dirty tricks to win. After the Davalos' daughter committed suicide, Mrs. Davalos invented too many reasons to take prescription pills and went away to treat her addiction. Mrs. Davalos detects Joe's concern and calls him a coward, saying she isn't afraid of anything that can be dredged up. Davalos confronts the opponent with knowledge of a "campaign aide", an abortion , and a payoff he can prove.

Allison reacts to job applicants with legitimate law degrees in the office. Allison gave up on the fireman when he reveals his own daughter was killed in that fire, but a dream about the woman's drug lifestyle and cooperation in a robbery make her think . Davalos' efforts to jail a thug crime figure are scrapped when the safe housed witness dies in a fire (hmmn.). Allison is stumped she could have been so wrong. Allison shows Davalos that the fireman is first-in, controlling any death scenes and masking the murder hits as fire deaths.

The house the fireman's ex-wife now lives in is fantastic, and she tells a startled Allison he gave it to her in the divorce. Allison asks the woman, "Is this the house of a city worker?" There is union leader basement and safe house witness killing evidence from the scenes. But Davalos can't ask the model fireman for a DNA swab, or accuse him without proof. Allison gets it from ex-wife, from the dead girl's baby book, a lock of hair from her first haircut as a child. Davalos confirms the fireman was at both crime scenes, using familial DNA forensics. The fireman's DNA evidence puts the man behind bars and sentences the thug crime figure for the organized murder for hire. Davalos then announces his mayoral candidacy on the heels of the big bust.

Season 7, Episode 9: The People in Your Neighborhood

Original Air Date—19 November 2010

Sex offender laws have a new neighbor posting flyers in Allison's area announcing his move in. But weird events and dreams make her rethink his guilt. Is a clever killer at work? Which Dubois will go back to school? But Allison may have more to deal with this time around than dreams. The killer is over the back fence this time around. But karma may have dealt the killer a second hand...

Laura San Giacomo stars as the label-tossing neighbor who makes a big deal out of the former felon but whose daughter shows up in a sandbox, murdered. This episode ends in a non-resolved finale and hopefully the "gotcha" ending will occur in the next episode. Jake gets encouraged to get his business MBA to advance to management at work. After all this time, Allison still can't get the right job at the D. A.'s office due toto her lack of formal education.


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