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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1

Hawaii Five-0 (2010) poster

Written by : published Monday 29th November 2010

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1  main image

The new Hawaii 5-0 has amazed fans with its intrepid action, great lots, beautiful scenery and fast paced police procedural drama. Great chemistry and paired actors set up great dramas and great episodes for Hawaiian culture to be paraded online.The actor from Moonlight, Alex O'Loughlin,  and the son of celebrated Hollywood actor (James Caan), Scott Caan join the featured actor from LOST Daniel Dae Kim to make a stunning pictorial production revived.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Original Air Date—20 September 2010

The governor of Hawaii, played by Jean Smart (Designing Women, Frazier) reacts to the hostage taking of a Hawaiian police officer as his son transports a known criminal in South Vietnam to trial. She authorizes the dead man's son, Lt. Comdr. Steve McGarrett, to defend Hawaaiian citizens from extreme crimes with no stone unturned, no rules. McGarrett's handpicked force includes an ex-jersey cop Danny Williams (Scott Caan), a disgraced officer, Chin Ho, (Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and a young Hawaiian ex-surfer as the squad's only woman (Grace Park). This pilot episode established the characters as well as sets up the mystery of why McGarrett's father was killed.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 2-Ohana

Original Air Date—27 September 2010

An everyday "homicide' has more to the story as McGarrett's squad investigates why a man with no special identity got efficiently kidnapped. Then the team uncovers a secret panic room with unbelievably sophisticated technology. This espionage victim is an ex-NSA expert with the goods on a "Sneakers" type technology and the 5-0 works to rescue him before his secret can be uncovered. Serbian mobsters who want the technology have an ace up their sleeve and time may run out before the 5-0 discover the truth.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1, Episode 3: Malama Ka Aina

Original Air Date—4 October 2010

The Five-0 uncovers an unlikely partnership between the all too familiar faces of locals and international crime. The foreign Samoan gangs and locals on the island threaten the 5-0 squad with a legion of more drugs proliferating unless they put a stop to the gang. Kono puts her life on the line pretending to be a white slavery bait party girl. Great casino scene as the team get their man. This cements her place in the 5-0 squad, but uncovers the dangers as well.Danny's back story with daughter gains depth as well, and McGarrett intervenes with the Governor to prevent Danny's ex-wife from gaining full custody.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1, Episode 4: Lanakila

Original Air Date—11 October 2010

A great action sequence opens the episode as a prison break sets the stage for a action packed nail biter. What made the prisoner so anxious to get out? The team learns from a murdered body the jailbird leaves in a hotel room. McGarrett and his team tracks  the murderer leaving a trail of corpses behind him, with an exciting hotel roof sequence. It turns out the opportunity to get his money back from a visitor to the island was too much of an opportunity to pass up. McGarrett discovers the betrayal in the past that is causing the violence in the present, while balancing a visit from his sister Mary. The McGarretts make peace over their lost father at the end.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1, Episode 5: Nalowale

Original Air Date—18 October 2010

A super underwater vacation adventure turns sour when the tourists catch sight of a corpse in the water. Pressure builds for McGarrett to deliver when the corpses turns out to be a U.S. ambassador's daughter. With one girl found dead and the other still missing,  Governor Jameson taps McGarrett to solve the problem. But McGarrett finds the evildoers closer to home than anyone thinks when the insurance consultant pretending to be a security operative tries to keep the ransom money contained. And the political motivation to substitute the daughter for the ambassador reveals the international terrorism that hopes to secure the bargaining power of a hostage diplomat.

Hawaii Five-0: Season 1: Episode 6 -Ko'olauloa

Original Air Date—25 October 2010

Great action opening sequence sets up a who-killed-the-surfer-CEO drama. Hercules star portrays a member of surfwear company the dead man owned, and his runaway son turns up running a corporate-rebellion grassroots nature commune. When the CEO of a hugely successful surf company is murdered, Kono revisits her past while Five-0 is thrown headlong into the varied but interconnected worlds of North Shore surfing. When the CEO of a hugely successful surf company is murdered, Kono is next to him in the water at a surf competition. We learn her back story was as a surfer until she got injured. The 5-0 squad punches up its game as their investigations into the North Shore turn up more than sand dollars and shellfish.

Hawaii Five-0: Season 1: Episode 7 - Ho'apono

Original Air Date1 November 2010

McGarrett tries to capture a troubled trauma survivor who suddenly takes prisoners aboard the USS Missouri. The hostage-taker is an ex-Navy SEAL suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife. The tour guide on the boat is veteran actor Robert Loggia, who convincingly helps McGarrett navigate the boat when he goes on board the Missouri to negotiate with the hostage taker. This episode plays up the naval history of Hawaii as well as the back story McGarrett has as a third generation career Hawaaiian officer.

Hawaii Five-0: Season 1: Episode 8 -- Manao

Original Air Date- November 8, 2010

The opening scenes reveals a festive luau with the piece de resistance revealing a corpse in the barbecue pit. This is identified as Danny's (Scott Caan) ex-partner from the Honolulu P.D. The newly named Five-0's investigation into the murder matches them against an art ring and a cocaine distribution network on the island. Bronson Pinchot stars. The growing relationship between McGarrett and Danny is tested as Danny himself refuses to believe forensic accounting and evidence his former partner was a turned informant for the local crime lords. The 5-0 force uses resources uniquely at their disposal as their expertise closes another case.

Hawaii Five-0: Season 1: Episode 9 -- Po'ipu

Original Air Date - November 15, 2010

International politics turns the Hawaiian force to an oncoming domestic invisible threat. The episode opens with a trained operative eliminating a an unsuspecting victim in a Hawaaiian resort hotel bar. This turns out to be one of a security detail for an upcoming international Aid Summit. McGarrett recognises an old SEAL team friend and the coincidences keep adding up. The key figure in the political event is a notorious militia criminal famous for brutal regimes.  The assassination plot of an Asian dictator famous for international crimes has an ugly surprise for the 5-0 squad, and McGarrett in particular. 


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