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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 - Wrong Turns

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Written by : published Monday 29th November 2010

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The writers of Grey's Anatomy have gotten their directions turned around. If you have missed episodes because the show is so messed up, you're not alone. Season 7 turns some wrong turns and kept going. Here are some of the major problems.


Too Much April

If you cheered when irritating character April killed a character last season because she failed to check the patient;s throat after a burning incident, there was a sigh of relief. Until the writers brought her back to tag along and have an idiotic crush on Dr. Derek Shephard. April is a joke on a show that used to be about real doctors. Even more nauseating, April has confessed to being a virgin. The ridiculous closeness between the doctors means they can practically sequence each other's DNA. April nevertheless jumps into the sack with Karev, and causes a fight between Avery and Karev later. April is just trouble and I'm sick of seeing her.


Professional Leapfrog

Lexie Grey is supposed to be a third year intern, but she's been sleeping with the top doctors in the hospital for about a year now. How come nobody at the hospital has looked her in the eye and called her a slut? Her father sure would have. Lexie hangs around the elder group and evidently there is no sign of resentment from anyone else. Contrast this to a real hospital, where nurses jealously watch every sign of favoritism and hold grudges forever. Lexie Grey lives in a fairy tale world where she is the stepdaughter of Ellis Grey and her older sister was married to the chief. In a real hospital the resentment and jealousy would be tangible.

Strangely, Lexie feels entitled enough to hang with the doctors and sleep with them, but can't handle real surgery and dissolves into tears often. Is Lexie the new Yang? God forbid. But Lexie needs a Nazi to put ehr in ehr place. When the residents get their surgical scrubs for a "Boxing Day", Lexie actually asks the chief (Chief Webber) why she doesn't have a set of navy scrubs. He actually has to remind her verbally she is not in league with Yang, Grey, Karev, and other residents. This is a woman who has a photographic memory and never forgets anything?


Avery the Question Mark

In an attempt to dramatize Avery now that Yang is firmly with Hunt, he is starting to make medicinal practice mistakes and act carelessly. This is not even true to his character. Avery is the grandson of Avery Fisher, who is named for the famous physician research grant Hunt and the Chief want to win. Avery's supposed competence has vanished. His most dramatic story arc is that he now supposedly forgotten by the main doctors, while April (who was fired for killing a patient) is practically acing the class. Now Avery may hook up with Lexie. Can you hear the snores?


Cristina's the Dog in the Manger

The fact is, Dr. Cristina Yang should be riding high after her surgery on Derek. Cristina Yang, the driven, ambitious-to-a-fault, amazingly talented resident is now a home decorating plus one. She has quit the physician training program at Seattle Grace. Dr. Altman and Dr. Hunt, meanwhile, are saving the Middle East treating VIP patients behind a Secret Service personnel phalanx. She can barely handle the simplest of duties. This is hardly consistent with 5-6 years of episodes.

Yet the shrink has yet to step in. hasn't anyone figured out that the life-and-death crisis that spurred Dr. Yang to practice medicine (her father's death) was cathartized by Shephard's shooting surgery incident. Cleansed of saving a life under trauma, Yang no longer has an interest in practicing medicine. Her dialogue and Sandrah Oh's acting is uninteresting. Watching Dr. Yang shop at the mall is just about the biggest ratings killer of all time. Even her dancing sucks now.


Too Much Bailey

The overdrive on Dr. Miranda Bailey and her death drive is literally overkill. the deaths of the doctors during the shooting was bad enough but too much is too much. Bailey seems to have only one channel, total pathos. The moments of humor between Bailey and Shephard are gone. Even Bailey's interaction with the chief is lackluster. Dr. Bailey needs to have a relationship with a patient or research vaccine or something. Watching her waddle around is boring.And her track record with Yang and George and Izzie gone looks very wishy-washy.


Messing With the Chief

The Chief got ousted by Derek and Hunt and the plastic surgeon formed a Bromance. But all too soon Derek couldn't handle being the voice of reason instead of McDreamy. But the Webisodes show a really fuzzy Chief Richard Webber. Frankly, there are so many things going wrong at Seattle Grace Weber is starting to look like a stooge. Cristina quitting is just the least of them.

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