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Law & Order: Los Angeles Season 1 Episode Reviews

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Written by : published Thursday 18th November 2010

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Law & Order: Los Angeles - Hollywood - Episode 101

In this debut episode, detectives (A famous clubbing young actress is found connected to a ring of thieves. Hoes all over Hollywood are being robbed while the famous victims party at Hollywood's night spots. One robbery too many and the theft ring gets shot, or shoots someone, depending on the detective's point of view. The mother of the young actress is found to have been involved both with the young man and her daughter's boyfriends, culminating in a cover-up murder.


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Law & Order: Los Angeles - Echo Park - Episode 102

One of the detectives (Skeet Ulrich) finds that this case comes too close to home. A woman is found on the beach, dead. But soon the mystery grows concerning why she was killed. The word of the leading investigator's wife, a former cop, is put on trial. The cult member who helped a freakish California murderer pull off a famous cult murder is found murdered. The person who did it blames the system, and the detective's wife for being an over eager cop too quick to make a bust and close the case. This episode slants a look at how pressure to police can make problems for court cases.


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Law & Order: Los Angeles - Harbor City - Episode 103

When a surfer is killed, his marijuana shop is blamed. But as usual, it's more complicated than that. The surfer is a former pro, and his widow and former business acquaintances have more to lose with him dead than alive. This turns the detectives (Skeet Ulrich and Corey Stoll) in a surprising direction, toward the moneyed landowners who don't want free spirited but no-collar surfers invading their premium real estate. This episode is a clever whodunit that closely follows the law and the model of the other L & O shows.


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Law & Order: Los Angeles - Sylmar - Episode 104

This episode showcases how the drug trade and manufacture infests every walk of life. But when two young boys are killed in a car explosion, the home they parked in front of had too many live wires. A terrorism angle and a drug plot cloud the issue for a while about who the guilty party is. Academy Award winner Terrence Howard is excellent as the prosecuting attorney Jonah Dekker for Los Angeles County. Peter Coyote plays a District Attorney watching his political ticking career clock.


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Law & Order: Los Angeles - Pasadena - Episode 105


A young pregnant woman is run down with an SUV in a Pasadena alleyway. Her baby daddy turns out to be a  very secretive executive with a wife who knows they are adopting. But soon the real truth comes out. The baby's father is a married politician. Who tried to kill the woman, and why? Southern Californian politics are the topic of this episode. The mystery in this episode is a good one not everyone will guess until the end. Alfred Molina plays a legal eagle on the Justice side working to thread the line between sensitive handling of the murder and shielding the politico.

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Law & Order: Los Angeles - Hondo Field(Playa Vista) - Episode 106

The oil derricks offshore in Southern California are a hot topic among ecologists and conservationists, but when the body of a dead rigger turns up on the beach the mystery needs to be solved. The detectives narrow down the list of suspects to the crew and the manager, a woman. The oil rig is a deadly breeding ground for murderous rages and employment battles unseen by the end users of its products. Soon this episode turns into a  women's lib/workplace equality whodunit. Good courtroom scenes, as always, with Terrence Howard.


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