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Glee season 2, what's happened?

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Written by : published Tuesday 30th November 2010

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Will Schuester finally discovers his wife is not pregnant he leaves her. This ends perhaps the most unlikely comic plot twist ever in that marital congress has been taking place chez Schuester. Will's crush on the overly organizational redhead at work. Emma and Will have their final kiss when she ducks out of her own wedding to the football coach to help Will's team at Sectionals. but life does not end happily ever after. Leaving Ken behind doesn't mean a romance with Emma for Will.

Emma tries too hard and as a result leaves Emma sort of flinching from Will. Will ends up living with a sexy former roommate, and even during his divorce makes out with the rival glee club coach. Emma finds out and reject Will once and for all. Will seems never destined to get out of the high school that tortured him. Sue survives an proto-seduction and Emma evades his relationship overtures. Will becomes a protector for the kids but still loses in his personal life.



Quinn gets over her pregnancy crisis in a predictable TV way. After teasing both fathers (and Will's wife she can adopt the baby) Quinn then continues a round of residence hopping. Quinn toughs it out going to high school after Sue Sylvestre drops her from the cheer-leading squad. The way it comes down on the Glee squad when Finn hears the truth about the baby, Finn leaves and only comes back to save the group from tanking at Sectionals. Quinn originates the Glist, the sex toy rating of every Glee club member. Quinn deserves Puck but gets the new kid at McKinley played by Chord Overstreet.



Puck continues to be the bad boy with the brain of gold. she decides to keep the baby. Puck has some questionable moments but some life-saving and day-saving moments cut with humor and bad boy derring do. like Mercedes, Puck is never pigeonholed as the Mohawk wearing Jewish football playing punker we all knew in high school. Puck enjoys star status on the Glee club but maintains various criminal activities as well. Puck is cynical but the focus of many ladies at McKinley high.



The Mercedes character rides the rails between oppressed racism and sweetheart queen of the glee club with the funk voice. Mercedes notable breaks out her pipes during the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode where the stuns the dress rehearsal with the main singing role. Mercedes even falls for Sue's tricks and joins the cheerleading team. But her lush figures goes the breadsticks way after Sue forces her onto a diet.



Santana continues to resonate more as a cheerleader than a Hispanic character, which may have hidden payoffs down the Glee road. Santana maintains a red hot chili pepper relationship with Britney and just anybody who takes her fancy. Santana pressures Quinn into first-time sex. Santana has heightened feelings of anger due to the high school changing values in Glee. Santana has a gr3at duet with Mercedes in the "Duets" episode.


Rachel gets Finn but only after Quinn's babygate break with him. Just as Rachel and Finn settle as a couple Finn loses his coolness ratio and suffers performance breaks in the big games. Sue talks Santana and Britney into dating Finn to make Rachel disappear. But Rachel meets and falls for Jesse St. James, the male lead of the rival high school. Rachel's laryngitis focuses the character on what else is out there for her without her pipes. The broadcast season ender is in Rachel finding out her mother is the Vocal Adrenaline coach.



When Kurt's father starts dating Finn's mother, Kurt must shoulder his personal feelings for Finn. But Kurt doesn't so easily enjoy the daily slushy in his face. being the only gay student out at the high school takes its toll. The standout moment of the entire season for Kurt is the duet he sings with Rachel in a mashup of the best vocals "Get Happy" and "Happy days are Here Again". This illustrates their friendship after a hard-hitting episode where Kurt's dad has died. Kurt has more tough times ahead, but meeting someone like him makes things easier.


Sue Sylvestre

Sue vamps Madonna and re-shoots the "Physical" video with Olivia Newton John. She tries every method she can to try and vanquish the Gleesters form McKinley high. Sue really experiences a lot of high and lows, most notably a seduction as payback by Will. Sue's personal life has some surprising flashes, and the notable dance number with Will will have viewer blinking after several minutes.




Missed any episodes? Then catch-up now on season 1 and season 2. If your a true fan then you could always buy the Glee season 1 box set from Amazon.


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