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Desperate Housewives season 7, story so far

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Written by : published Tuesday 16th November 2010

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Desperate Housewives closed last season with a kidnapping and a childbirth all in one. Lynette made it through the ordeal, and the witness-protection mob storyline is long gone. Strangely the twins Lynette and Tom were expecting turn into one baby in the last episode. Lynette now has more problems to deal with than ever. Her young daughter Penny (who isn't really her daughter at all) starts missing school and falling asleep to shoulder childcare around the house. Tom Sciavo comes down with (wait for it) male menopause.
Susan's decision to rent the house backfires then Paul is the new tenant. To earn money faster Susan starts housecleaning for a webcam, becoming more suggestive and racking up the bonuses. Susan's decision to become an internet performer for discerning adults is a guilty secret Mike knows nothing about. What starts out as a guilty secret for Susan becomes her forte. Soon the money comes rolling in. Susan's issues with money are in contrast to all the time she spent engaged to the millionaire. Mike neglected collecting for his plumbing business, and Susan used all her money to level their debts to sea level. But the tax man comes knocking, and Susan makes a dramatic choice to live in an apartment and rent her house.

Bree is now seeing a younger man, Keith, as she undergoes "the change". Bree is struggling with her issues and finds the new young man a challenge. She meets Keith because he is the contractor working on her home. Her menopause doctor turns out to be Keith's mother. Keith has some secrets too, including a past history of violence. Bob and Lee, Wisteria' lane's gay couple, are more fun apart than together. Gaby Solis can afford to shop again thanks to Carlos' job, and even Mrs. McClosky is now happily married.

Season 6 saw the return of the infamous Paul. (Yes, that, Paul.) Paul Young tries to buy any house on Wisteria Lane, but nobody will sell. His relationship with his wife stirs curiosity and revulsion. Paul has stirred a lot of bad blood on Wisteria Lane. Lynette forces Tom to see that using his mother as the baby's nanny won't work because she is (night disorder) senile. Mike is stunned to realize that not only has Susan become an Internet slut to save them but that by doing so she's lost her job. Mike Delfino slinks off to Alaska to work and earn back some self-respect.

Nobody wants to see Paul on Wisteria Lane. Paul has his own problems. He has a mail-order wife who married him while he was in jail. Her inability to perform sexually puts him in a temper and he makes threats and gives her an ultimatum. Beth resolves to get with the program. In the meanwhile Paul surfs the net and sees Susan's cleaning up routine. Paul outs Susan to one of the parents of the school where Susan teaches, and she gets fired. Mike takes a job in Alaska to earn money so they can kick Paul out of the house, which they have rented to raise money.

And we found out that the missing child who was exchanged by the hospital was none other than Gaby and Carlos's older daughter.  Carlos and Bob become friends but the divide will never narrow between Gaby and Bob's wife. Gabrielle simply cannot get beyond the fact that her daughter is not hers. Juanita is not told anything. By series end the Solis pair will find out that the people who have their daughter are illegal immigrants. Will this spur legal action to adopt Grace?

And Lynette and Renee decided to start an interior design business. Lynette hires Susan to be Paige's nanny (Tom is taking medical marijuana). The vibe is not good. Even worse, Paul's former cell-mate shows up at Paul's to live in the old house. Beth confronts him and poses questions that hinge on his vulnerability to being reported for a third offense. And Susan's natural talents as a decorator turn Paige into a Wicked Witch and put Lynette's friendship on the line.


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