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Dirty Laundry Live

Dirty Laundry Live logoOn DIRTY LAUNDRY LIVE Lawrence and his panel of celebrity guests will pull apart the major pop culture stories of the week in an unpredictable, irreverent and unscripted live-to-air quiz show, where anything could happen. Whether you're a trashmag subscriber, a celebrity blog addict or just a doctor's waiting room time-passer, join Lawrence and his guests each week as they chew up and spit out all the celebrity trash and glamour they can manage.

Good Game

Good Game logoGood Game is a program by gamers for gamers. Each week it will be jam-packed with the latest gaming news and events, top gaming tips, reviews and interviews with game developers and the people behind the scenes. Hosted by Junglist and Bajo, Good Game is filmed in the Den of Gaming; a gamers' paradise fitted out with just about every gaming device ever invented and complemented by a huge plasma screen. Junglist and Bajo are supported each week by Rei.

Good Game: Pocket Edition

Good Game: Pocket Edition logoGood Game: Pocket Edition – is our “add-on pack” for gamers, by gamers. Pocket is our concise edition - a weekly accessory to our regular shows, Good Game and Spawn Point. It’s our chance to chat a bit more about the games we’re currently playing, round up the week’s reviews, and even spend a bit more time answering your gaming queries at the GG desk. All compressed into ten wonderful minutes! It’s DLC from the ABC!

Head First

Head First logoFrom sex tapes to Aussies in Syria and so much more, Head First is a series about everyday Australians living extraordinary lives in hidden worlds. Welcome to the world of Internet love scams, celebrity sex tapes, Aussie freedom fighters, people born in the wrong bodies, and teens living under the Intervention. Armed with a mischievous sense of humour and a willingness to get involved in the action, Sabour Bradley wants to take you inside those worlds, and the only way to do that is to dive in… Head First.

Please Like Me

Please Like Me logoBased on the award-winning comedy of Josh Thomas, the six-part series PLEASE LIKE ME is about cavoodles, custard tarts, boyfriends and girlfriends. Mostly, though, it's about growing up quickly and realising that your parents are not heroes, but big dopes with no idea what’s going on – just like you.

Review With Myles Barlow

Review With Myles Barlow logoWhile other critics waste time with trivial matters such as film, food or art, one man dares to review all facets of life - our experiences, our emotions, our deepest, darkest desires - to rate them out of five stars.

Set List

Set List logoTV series based on the hit live stand-up format. Comedians must deliver a set based on a list of topics they've not seen before.

Stop Rewind

Stop Rewind logoTwenty-five years ago, the world was a very different place – no digital, no dot-com, no mobile phones, no tweets, status updates or blogs. So, what did we think the future would deliver and what have we ended up with? Take a step back to the future with Stop. Rewind. It looks back at what the 80s and 90s generations thought the future would be like. Using images shot over the past quarter century, it showcases the hilarious and often hapless ideas that fell by the wayside and those innovations which were truly a glimpse into the future. Each themed episode shows the development of a tech industry, documenting how each latched onto new technology, materials and designs to eventually become the common gadgets, goods and services we know today.

The Bazura Project (2011)

The Bazura Project (2011) logoThe Bazura Project is a six-part comedy series about Australia's number one, non-sports-related pastime: the movies.

The Warehouse Comedy Festival

The Warehouse Comedy Festival logoLove Aussie stand-up comedy? Then you'll love this hilarious new series showcasing some of the country's great stand-up comedians.
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