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Channel 4

Derren Brown: Trick or Treat

Derren Brown: Trick or Treat logoTrick or Treat is a British television show hosted by Derren Brown and broadcast on Channel 4. The first episode was broadcast on 13 April 2007. The focus of the show is on one person selected from a pool of volunteers who responded to adverts in the national press to take part in the show. The experience the volunteer receives is decided by which card they choose. If they choose the card that says 'Trick' they receive a bad experience and if they choose the card that says 'Treat' they receive a good experience. However, This distinction is not always obvious.


Desmond's logoDesmond's is centered around Desmond Ambrose played by Norman Beaton. Desmond owns a barber shop in Peckham, London which is a local gathering place for a group of West Indian immigrants. Little hairdressing gets done, as this is more a meeting place than a barber shop.

Dicing with Debt

Dicing with Debt logoNo Description

Dick Spanner

Dick Spanner logoDick Spanner, P.I. was a 1986 British stop-motion animated comedy series which parodied Chandleresque detective shows. The titular character and main protagonist was Dick Spanner, voiced by Shane Rimmer, a robotic private detective who works cases in a futuristic urban setting. The show made frequent use of puns and visual gags. The series consisted of 22 six-minute episodes, covering two story arcs of equal length: "The Case Of The Human Cannonball" and "The Case Of The Maltese Parrot". The programme was originally broadcast in the UK as a segment of the Sunday morning show Network 7 on Channel 4, and was later repeated on the same channel in a late night spot. Produced by Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson, the series was created and written by Terry Adlam, who had previously worked o...

Dirty Sexy Things

Dirty Sexy Things logoDirty Sexy Things is a British concept documentary series currently airing on E4 about eight models preparing for eight shoots which will culminate in an exhibition for fashion photographer Perou.


Dispatches logoDispatches is a series of investigative and topical documentaries broadcast on Channel 4


Distraction logoDistraction is a British game show shown on Channel 4 and E4 in the United Kingdom. Presented by comedian Jimmy Carr, the show involves contestants answering questions, while being distracted in various bizarre, painful and humiliating ways.


Dogface logoFrom the makers of Peep Show comes this hilarious comedy that combines fast-paced sketches with stylish 'dog-based' animation. Starring Matt King, Kevin Bishop, Jo Neary and Steve Edge.

Dolce Vito - Dream Restaurant

Dolce Vito - Dream Restaurant logoVito Cataffo was born near Naples, but brought up in England where he currently owns a string of Italian restaurants. Now he wants to turn the tables and set up a British restaurant in Italy, serving the best food this country can produce to a clientele who are famously sniffy about our grub. "When you say British, we think...like...fast food or something," says one fussy Italian bloke, who evidently enjoys eating. To describe Cataffo as excitable is like saying the Pope is a bit of a Catholic. He constantly waves his arms about, whether he's visiting potential premises, talking to his fiancee or tasting award-winning cheddar on the Somerset dairy farm of Tom Calver. Fifty-nine years of living in Britain has clearly not taken the Italian passion out of him. And over the course of a six-par...

Double Your House for Half the Money

Double Your House for Half the Money logoSarah Beeny shows families how to double the space in their homes for half the cost of trading up to a bigger property, from extensions to conversions.