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CBeebies logoNo Description

3rd and Bird

3rd and Bird logoAn animated pre-school series about a community of birds that live, learn and play in the branches of a beautiful old tree. The vibrant treetop community of 3rd & Bird is alive with singing, whistling and dancing. In each episode we follow Samuel and Muffin Lovebird, two adorable young birds, as they explore their community and their world.


Abadas logoIn a busy corner of Ben’s bedroom lies a well-thumbed, well cherished pop-up book. This is no ordinary pop-up book... this is where the Abadas live! Hari the hippo, Ela the fox and Seren the bat are the most curious, adventurous and funniest pop-up animals that any book could possibly have. Once the book is opened, the Abadas’ world comes alive and it’s playtime for the three adventurers.


Alphablocks logoWatch 26 letters come to life, telling stories and making words using phonics.

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy logoChildren's animation in which Andy Pandy and his friends Looby Loo and Teddy have endless fun in their candy-coloured world

Andy's Wild Adventures

Andy's Wild Adventures logoChildren's natural history series. Andy Day embarks on wild adventures with his puppet friend Kip the cat. Their adventures take them all around the world in search of weird and wonderful animals.

Baby Jake

Baby Jake logoSeries which mixes live action and animation, featuring the magical Baby Jake, who giggles and gurgles his way through enchanting adventures.

Big and Small

Big and Small logoThe show is a live action comedy for preschoolers, and follows the lives of puppets Big and Small. Big is a large purple creature with pink spots on his back. Big is very calm, and caring. Small is a very energetic and loud orange creature. Ruby is a pink mouse with red hair. Ruby lives in Big and Small's house in a mousehole. Twiba is a green worm that lives in an apple in the apple tree. Twiba is an acronym which stands for "The Worm In Big's Apple." The Frogs are two green frogs that live in the backyard pond. T-Rex is Big's stuffed animal, and favourite possession. However, Small dislikes T-Rex.

Big Barn Farm

Big Barn Farm logoChildren see this world entirely from the animal-perspective through a narrator, with stories centred around playing, learning, discovering and mischief. Petal the piglet, the embodiment of girl piglet-power; Gobo the goat, enthusiastic, inventive and greedy; Dash the donkey, thoughtful, kind (and easily the tallest of the gang) and Digger the Labrador pup, not the brightest dog in the litter but very cute, are all loveable characters you will find on Big Barn Farm. Each episode follows the day-to-day adventures of these and all the other farmyard animals using a combination of live-action and animation that lends the series its distinctive character and humour and taps into children's love of animals in a truly unique way. The dramas are simple and entertaining, producing an utterly ma...

Big City Park

Big City Park logoBig City Park is a children's series filmed on location in Belfast's beautiful Ormeau Park. The show follows May the friendly park keeper, Ruairi the mischievous caretaker, Dara the streetwise fox and Billy the excitable Badger as they find nature's hidden treasures.

Bill and Ben

Bill and Ben logoBill and Ben are two Flowerpot Men who play in the garden with their friends: Weed, Scamper, Rose, Whoops, Pry, Tad, Slowcoach, Whimsy and Thistle.
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