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Building the Dream

Building the Dream logoWe all dream of building our own home, but most of us think we'd never be able to afford to do it. However, architectural designer Charlie Luxton is convinced it's possible to build a dream home that won't break the bank. In Building the Dream, Charlie works with people who want to turn an empty plot of land into their dream home, made to suit their lifestyles, but on a budget they can afford. Charlie isn't just a casual observer though, as he gets stuck in to try and help people get the very best out of their designs. He also sends them to meet with others who've already taken the chance and created their own dream homes. But will these brave first-time builders draw on all this knowledge and advice or will they stick to their original plans, ignore the experts and opt to do it their ...

Sex Change Hospital

Sex Change Hospital logoSex Change Hospital depicts the amazing journey and transformation of people who have intense convictions that they were born the wrong gender. These are stories of individuals who go through major surgery to change their bodies from man to woman or woman to man.

Shrink Rap

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