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13 Posterunek

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Bolts & Blip

Bolts & Blip logoBolts and Blip are two oddball best friend Civi-bots living on the Moon in a culture dominated by cool and athletic Battle-bots who play in the coveted Lunar League of Robotic Sports. When Bolts and Blip suddenly get drafted on to the last placed Thunderbolts team, the duo, along with their new found friends, has to match wits with the likes of The Iron Maidens, The Tread Heads, and the unstoppable Galaxy All-Stars, all while trying to fit in and make names for themselves in their new world.


Braquo logoA dark realistic cop series from world-famous filmmaker Olivier Marchal. Braquo follows a squad of Paris cops who exist in the blurred boundaries at the very edge of the law, often using violence and intimidation to get the job done. The lives of these officers change radically when their squad leader, falsely accused of corruption, commits suicide. Determined to clear his name they start an investigation of their own, only to find that the police department itself stands in their way. Driven by adrenaline and a thirst for justice, they must turn their backs on the laws they’re sworn to enforce if they are to uncover the truth. Facing constant danger from all sides - and with the two most likely outcomes being imprisonment or death – the stakes couldn’t be higher, but that merely s...

Burger Quiz

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Carlos logoCARLOS tells the story of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, who was one of the most wanted terrorists in the world for two decades. Between 1974, when he attempted to kill a British businessman, and 1994, when he was arrested in Khartoum, he lived several lives under many names and went through all the political complexities of his era. Who was Carlos? How were his identities interrelated and superimposed? What did they revolve around? And who was he before he threw himself heart and soul into his endless combat? These are the questions this fiction is built upon.

Cesar Milan Mastering Leadership Series

Cesar Milan Mastering Leadership Series logoNow you can have dog behavior expert Cesar Millan, star of National Geographic s The Dog Whisperer as your personal guide for developing a healthy, happy relationship with your dog. In this DVD series, Cesar shares his expertise on effectively eliminating bad behaviors including barking, running away, and aggressiveness. Cesar Millan is highly respected for his unique insight into dog psychology and shows us how we can lead our dogs to behave and obey through our own confident energy, body language and positive reinforcement. In this Mastering Leadership Series, Cesar gives you the tools to understand your dog s instincts, and how use them to develop and reward good behavior. The result is a healthier, more rewarding relationship for both of you. Volume #1: People Training for Dogs Ces...

Chris Colorado

Chris Colorado logoIn a post-apocalyptic future, a young man, Chris Colorado is at the service of the "World Federation", which includes survivors of the Great Crash, especially under the orders of his commander, Richard Julian. He fight against the mysterious group 666, the thanors and supreme leader, the Great Protector Thanatos. But it is also in search of his past, through the secrets, betrayals, and members of his family, according to the official, disappeared in a plane crash ...

Delta State

Delta State logoFour young amnesiacs hold the fate of human kind in their hands. Their mission is to defend you from the "rifters" who want to control the human mind. Though they may appear to be harmless and self-absorbed, they have astonishing paranormal powers, and an invincible motivation: to retrieve the secrets to their past lives, hidden deep within the parallel dimension of the Delta State


Hard logoComedy-drama HARD, written and directed by actress Cathy Verney, follows the misfortunes of Sophie, a middle-class housewife from a French Catholic bourgeois upbringing. Following the sudden death of her husband, Sophie uncovers a dark secret about his lifestyle.

Jamel Comedy Club

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