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Chaser Non-Stop News Network (CNNNN)

Chaser Non-Stop News Network (CNNNN) logoFrom ChaserCorp: CNNNN is a news and current affairs channel owned and operated by ChaserCorp. It was founded by ChaserCorp CEO David Stewart in 1983 to counteract liberal bias in the media and remains the cornerstone of a television network that now contains over 40 different channels, spans 294 countries and reaches a potential cumulative audience of 100 billion people per week


Compass logoCompass critically examines the world of belief and values, seeking meaning and a sense of purpose in life. It navigates the historical and contemporary, the personal and political, the religious and secular. Its guiding principle is to illuminate the spiritual and ethical journey, so revealing the broader issues of community and the shared experience of being human. Every Sunday night ABCTV screens Compass, an engaging program reflecting and exploring faith, belief and values in Australia and around the globe. Presented by Geraldine Doogue, Compass explores the interface between religion and life as experienced by individuals and communities - including ordinary Australians, public leaders, religious thinkers, ethicists and philosophers. Compass avoids restricting itself to religious in...

Dream Build

Dream Build logoDREAM BUILD is a series about Aussies who have been lucky enough to turn the dream of building their own home into a spectacular reality. The front door will open to some of Australia's cutting edge homes revealing what can happen when the brief is pushed on design and budget. Each owner will share their experience of throwing down ambitious and challenging briefs to their architect in the hope of creating a 'one in a million' home. The architect will reveal their design secrets and how they rose to the challenge to give their client the home of their dreams.

East of Everything

East of Everything logoArt Watkins (Richard Roxborough) returns to the neglected resort of Broken Bay, the eastern-most point of Australia, when his mother dies. Art hopes his stay will be brief but the legacy from his mother binds him to his wayward younger brother (Tom Long) and the teenage son he has hardly seen in ten years. The longer Art stays, the more he becomes enmeshed in the lives of the locals and the drifters who have found safe haven in Broken Bay.

First Footprints

First Footprints logoFirst Footprints tells the story of the original pioneers for all humankind, a history that began in Australia tens of thousands of years before modern humans reached America or Europe. The series draws on the collective memory of Indigenous Australians, the latest archaeological discoveries and the rich record of over 30 million prehistoric painted and etched rocks. Along with evocative recreations, elegant CGI, grand landscape and a wealth of rare archival footage the series will expand our ideas. Sweeping from 60,000 years ago to 1788, each episode begins and ends with a cataclysmic event that transforms life in Australia.

First Tuesday Book Club

First Tuesday Book Club logoHosted by Jennifer Byrne, First Tuesday Book Club is a nationally televised book club. Following the general format of a traditional book club, selected titles are announced in advance to give viewers time to read the book before tuning in to the show to follow the broadcast debate which is designed to lead discussions at home. As the name suggests, the show airs on the first Tuesday of each month and it then repeated that Sunday.

Gardening Australia

Gardening Australia logoGardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia's leading horticultural experts, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television program, the magazine, books, DVDs and extensive online content.

Gruen Planet

Gruen Planet logoThe Gruen Transfer is about advertising, how it works, and how it works on us. It decodes and defuses the commercial messages that swirl through our lives, with the help of a panel of ad industry experts. From Season 5 the show was renamed "Gruen Planet" and expanded the topics covered to include political and commercial "spin" as well as advertising.

Gruen Sweat

Gruen Sweat logoA spin-off series of Gruen Planet and Gruen Transfer, Gruen Sweat examines the branding and marketing of the 2012 London Olympics.

Hungry Beast

Hungry Beast logoThe media is a hungry beast – it devours everything and is never satisfied. Now, 19 newcomers to television – recruited after a nationwide call for young talent - are being given the opportunity by the ABC to feed the beast. Each week, they will produce a half-hour of topical TV, as well as daily web content, bringing viewers news from outside the loop. This means they are being asked to find stories that aren’t part of the regular news cycle – or to cover stories that are, from a fresh angle. They have been given one editorial instruction: “tell us something we don’t know”. Beyond that they are being encouraged to use every skill they have – humour, curiosity, passion, bullshit-detection and good old-fashioned snooping around - to bring us the world as they see it, re-mix...
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