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The Legendary Fok

The Legendary Fok logoHuo Yuan Jia revolves around Ekin Cheng's titular hero, who comes of age during the waning days of the Qing Dynasty. With the country weakened by constant foreign infringement, Chinese people suffer unfair treatment from foreigners in their own homeland. After seeing his friend get beaten to death, Huo realizes that he must help strengthen China through martial arts, creating his own kung fu style and dueling against foreign challengers. His cause is aided by Jordan Chan's Chen Zheng, a fictional hero that attained iconic status through Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury and was also portrayed by Donnie Yen in an ATV drama. Here, Jordan Chan creates a more mischievous character that suits his acting style and helps lighten the drama. Uplifting and packed with action, Huo Yuan Jia is a grand drama ab...

The Men of Justice

The Men of Justice logoInvolved in firearms transaction, the "Big Gangster" was murdered, the CID female senior inspector CHOW KWOK KUEN (Pinky Cheung) felt the situation was unusual, vigorously inspected the case. During the time, cold-blooded shootout happened in town and armed robberies, Inspector Chow had a reason to believe that these were related to the firearms transaction. She quickly asked YEUNG WAI SAM (Jackie Lui) to be the undercover, but he refused to provide the information that he found, causing Inspector Chow to be greatly displeased. The related case is actually involved with the triad community, as the person up top who has power to make decisions in the traid, LAI TAK CHUNG (Berg Ng) knew the case is very serious involving firearms. The police will crack it down to the end, so he had other pla...
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