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Military Channel

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How to Command a Nuclear Submarine

How to Command a Nuclear Submarine logoFollowing the story of the Royal Navy’s legendary “Perisher Course”, How To Command A Nuclear Submarine charts the progress of five young submarine officers putting their careers at stake in their bids to qualify to command a nuclear submarine. Set during the gruelling four week sea phase the students are put through extreme stress as they face every possible scenario which modern submarines may encounter. Filmed as it happens onboard HMS Triumph off the West coast of Scotland, this is a gripping human drama and a unique insight into the normally secret world of nuclear submarines. It’s a do or die course. Succeed and they can go on to command a nuclear submarine. Fail and their submarine careers are over; 'Teacher' can fail them at any time! Forget The Apprentice… THIS is t...

Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper logoModern Sniper is a series that explores sniper training through the different branches, utilizing cutting-edge technology and weapons.

Quest for Sunken Warships

Quest for Sunken Warships logoFollow expert wreck hunter Dan Crowell as he leads a team of divers from around the world to explore undiscovered American history in underwater graveyards of iron and steel. From the coast of North Carolina to the tropics of the South Pacific, Military Channel's Quest for Sunken Warships takes you beneath the waves to investigate the shipwrecks and stories that are often forgotten by history.
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Top Secret Weapons Revealed

Top Secret Weapons Revealed logoWarfare brings about devastating destruction, but also tends to bring certain technological advances, often in tandem with weapons development. A new series on Military Channel will take a look at some of the great weapons of the past to see how they shaped not only the conflict at hand, but weapons technology as a whole — sometimes even changing history in the non-military sphere. "Top Secret Weapons Revealed" premieres with two back-to-back episodes Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 9pm and 10pm ET/PT (Source: The Military Channel)

Top Tens

Top Tens logoWatch the lineup and countdown of incredible weapons and equipment through history, including modern marvels. Whether it's a warship or fighting vehicle, Military Channel has it covered. Take a look at our explosive video, then check out our incredible Top 10 lists and slideshows. Does your favorite come out on top?

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World

Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World logoCombining history, science, technology and revealing demonstrations, this cutting-edge series examines the evolution of firearms and how the development of each one changed the face of combat forever.

Ultimate Weapons

Ultimate Weapons logoUltimate Weapons is a high-octane explosive series looking at the ultimate in modern weaponry. The series features the best in Sniper Rifles, Man-Portable Firepower, Tanks & Artillery, Robotic Warriors, Shock and Awe Weapons and Close Quarters Systems and explore what makes them the Ultimate Weapons in their class. Each program shows the explosive power of ten weapons with in-depth analysis, and counts down to the Ultimate Weapon in its class!


Weaponology logoExplore weapon prototypes to cutting-edge super weapons, don't miss the fascinating stories behind the pedigree of the world's modern arsenal. If you like things that go BOOM, you will love weaponology.
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