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Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood

Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood logoSix part series telling the story of early film making in Europe, shown as part of CINEMA CENTURY season.

Civil War

Civil War logoFour-part historical documentary series examining the turbulent years of the 1640s.


Civilisation logoCivilisation is the crowning achievement in the career of Lord Kenneth Clark. It is an unforgettable epic journey through Western culture that spans eleven countries and more than sixteen centuries of Western civilization's art, architecture, philosophy, and history.

Clash Of Worlds

Clash Of Worlds logoClash Of Worlds tells the story of the extraordinary tensions and mutual misunderstandings, wars and reconciliations that have haunted two cultures, Christian and Muslim, during Imperial Britain's rise and fall. It aims to show how present-day conflict in the Middle East and Al Qaeda's terrorist attacks in the West are informed and even motivated by a historic sense of injustice and oppression that Islamists believe arises directly from the past actions of the British Empire. The series looks at three great clashes over the past 150 years: the Indian Mutiny of 1857, the Mahdi uprising in Sudan in the 1880s and the creation of the state of Israel in the first half of the 20th century.

Climbing Great Buildings

Climbing Great Buildings logoDr Jonathan Foyle, architectural historian and novice climber, scales Britain's most iconic structures, to reveal the buildings' secrets

Coal House at War

Coal House at War logoThis fascinating living history series transports three families back to 1944 and the Second World War. Having given up their comfortable lives, they are faced with the many hardships that war presented. The families experience all aspects of life as it was in 1944. The men work long, punishing days down the coalmine, followed by tending the Stack Square shared allotment as people were encouraged to ‘Dig for Victory’ to overcome food shortages. They also have to endure the arduous Home Guard training, each getting a taste of army life and discipline. The women have to juggle their relentless household chores with compulsory work at the munitions factory, undertaking a variety of different tasks for the war effort. The children, meanwhile, have their own worries with daily doses of co...


Coast logoThe nation's love affair with the coast will be reawakened for this entertaining and ambitious exploration of the entire UK coastline. Every part of the 9,000-mile coast is covered to explore how we've shaped it - and how it shapes us. Hosted by a team of history and geography experts who investigate everything from life on a nuclear submarine; rebuilding the Titanic using computer images; the story behind the first Butlins holiday camp; and the birth of the Severn Bore. Discover the curious, sometimes dysfunctional, relationship between the British and the seas.

Come Outside

Come Outside logoChildren's educational programme in which Auntie Mable and her dog Pippin fly in their spotted plane looking at and finding out how everyday things work.

Comedy Nation

Comedy Nation logoComedy Nation was a platform for new talent to break into television, it was a very jumbled sketch show with many writers and performers adding pieces; it was completely un-linked and totally unrefined. Yes there were some dodgy pieces, but there was also a great deal of genius on show; it seems everybody currently producing alternative British television comedy had a part in this show and it served very well as a stepping stone for some of the best acts on TV. The likes of Kevin Eldon, Julia Davis, Peter Serafinowicz, David Mitchell, Robert Webb and Johnny Vegas; to name a few.


Congo logoDocumentary series looking at the natural history of the Congo. Winner of the "RTS Television Award for Best Science & Natural History in 2002" The entire Congo River basin catchment area is truly vast, stretching from Tanzania in the east, to Zambia and Angola in the south, Gabon and Cameroon in the west and the Central African Republic in the north. The great 'jungle' of the Congo has not always been rainforest. Two to three thousand years ago, this area was largely grassland. Over the past few million years, Africa's climate has swung between extremes of high temperature and humidity and cooler, dryer periods, and in response, the forests have waxed and waned like a tide over the Congo basin. Inevitably, this ebb and flow has influenced the Congo's wildlife. As the open grassland h...
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