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Coast logoThe nation's love affair with the coast will be reawakened for this entertaining and ambitious exploration of the entire UK coastline. Every part of the 9,000-mile coast is covered to explore how we've shaped it - and how it shapes us. Hosted by a team of history and geography experts who investigate everything from life on a nuclear submarine; rebuilding the Titanic using computer images; the story behind the first Butlins holiday camp; and the birth of the Severn Bore. Discover the curious, sometimes dysfunctional, relationship between the British and the seas.

Come Outside

Come Outside logoChildren's educational programme in which Auntie Mable and her dog Pippin fly in their spotted plane looking at and finding out how everyday things work.

Comedy Nation

Comedy Nation logoComedy Nation was a platform for new talent to break into television, it was a very jumbled sketch show with many writers and performers adding pieces; it was completely un-linked and totally unrefined. Yes there were some dodgy pieces, but there was also a great deal of genius on show; it seems everybody currently producing alternative British television comedy had a part in this show and it served very well as a stepping stone for some of the best acts on TV. The likes of Kevin Eldon, Julia Davis, Peter Serafinowicz, David Mitchell, Robert Webb and Johnny Vegas; to name a few.


Congo logoDocumentary series looking at the natural history of the Congo. Winner of the "RTS Television Award for Best Science & Natural History in 2002" The entire Congo River basin catchment area is truly vast, stretching from Tanzania in the east, to Zambia and Angola in the south, Gabon and Cameroon in the west and the Central African Republic in the north. The great 'jungle' of the Congo has not always been rainforest. Two to three thousand years ago, this area was largely grassland. Over the past few million years, Africa's climate has swung between extremes of high temperature and humidity and cooler, dryer periods, and in response, the forests have waxed and waned like a tide over the Congo basin. Inevitably, this ebb and flow has influenced the Congo's wildlife. As the open grassland h...

Coogan's Run

Coogan's Run logoCoogan's Run was a showcase for Steve Coogan's many comic talents.

Cooking In The Danger Zone

Cooking In The Danger Zone logoFood writer Stefan Gates explores how ordinary people survive in some of the world's most dangerous and difficult places.

Cool It

Cool It logoCool It is a British television comedy series which first aired on BBC Two between 1985 and 1990. Impressions ranged from political/important figures such as Robin Day, Roy Hattersly, Arthur Scargill, Neil Kinnock, The Pope and Ronald Reagan. To popular celebrities, comedians and musicians such as Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry, Mike Harding, Terry Wogan, Billy Connolly, Clive James, Rik Mayall and his signature impression Rolf Harris. Fictional characters like Quasimodo, Bugs Bunny and E.T were also impersonated; Cool even created personalities for inanimate objects such as Morris Minors and Volkswagen Beetles.

Count Arthur Strong

Count Arthur Strong logoCount Arthur Strong is a fictional comedy character created by comedian Steve Delaney. He is a faded star from the golden days of variety, prone to delusions of grandeur, selective memory loss and the blurting out of malapropisms. He was never as famous as he thinks he was... or still thinks he is. Believing that another great entertainment triumph is only a phone call away, Arthur spends his day making the most of any opportunity that comes along - gaining a free lunch or selling a dodgy foot-spa he doesn't want - creating chaos and confusion wherever he goes, blissfully unaware that he has done so. The series begins with the recent death of Max Barker - Count Arthur's old partner from the early days in variety. Max pushed Arthur aside and went on to be a 'national treasure'. Max's son i...


Coupling logoOn average, men and women think about sex every six seconds. Shorten that to every second, and you've got Coupling. This series centers around Susan and Steve (who are a couple), and Sally and Patrick join the gang as friends of Susan (and then Steve), while Steve pulls in his best friend Jeff and his crazy ex Jane.

Credit Crash Britain

Credit Crash Britain logoA special five-part series examining different aspects of the credit crunch. Investigating the extraordinary fall of HBOS, they examine the subsequent rescue attempts to explain the seismic changes that swept through the UK's banking industry - culminating in the Government's 50 billion pound rescue plan. They reveal how the last minute deal with Lloyds TSB was brokered with Government assistance against a backdrop of global financial turmoil, and show how the continuing market unease led to the Government's decision to part-nationalise the banking industry.