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BBC Three

BBC Three logoNo Description


Badults logoOutrageous Badult behaviour from flatmates Ben, Matthew and Tom.

Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss logoProspective entrepreneurs try to convince Richard Reed, co-founder of food and beverages Innocent Drinks, to invest in their start-ups. With 500 hopefuls pitching ideas from bubblegum-flavoured chicken to hi-tech drink dispensers, the businessman selects the first three concepts he is considering risking his cash on from a £1million pot.

Being Human

Being Human logoBeing Human – a witty, exciting, sexy and extraordinary look at the friendship between three 20-something outsiders trying to find their way in an enticing, yet complicated world. Mitchell and George are two 20-something lads who, like any of their peers, would love to hit the town, pull girls and spend evenings down the pub. Mitchell is a hospital cleaner, good looking, laid back and a hit with the ladies. Oh, and he's a blood-sucking vampire. Mitchell's friend George works in the same hospital as a porter. He's an awkward but loveable geek who was befriended by Mitchell two years ago. George was heartbroken after he had to move away from the love of his life; he had to leave before she discovered that at every full moon, he sprouts a snout, grows a very hairy back and transforms in...

Berry & Fulcher's Snuff Box

Berry & Fulcher's Snuff Box logoSnuff Box sketch show starring and written by Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher. Both actors use their real names for their main characters. Berry plays a hangman ("High Executioner to the King of England") and Fulcher, his assistant. The majority of the programme is set in a "gentlemen's club for hangmen" although the show is also interspersed with sequences of sketches, often featuring different characters.

Bizarre Crime

Bizarre Crime logoSeries telling the stories of some of the UK's oddest offenses through interviews with the police, victims and criminals

Bizarre ER

Bizarre ER logoFreema Agyeman narrates a documentary series focusing on the most extraordinary and eye-watering cases to come through the doors of a busy British A&E department, plus remarkable tales of medical survival from across the UK.

Blood on the Turntable

Blood on the Turntable logoNarrated by Shaun Keaveny, this short series of documentaries focuses on three of the most controversial and influential battles in the music industry.

blood sweat and luxuries

blood sweat and luxuries logoSix young British consumers swap their luxury lives for the simple mud huts and shanty towns of Africa and Asia to work alongside the people who mine, manufacture, process and recycle luxury goods. In Britain today, what were once luxuries are fast becoming everyday items. From electrical gadgets to leather handbags and shoes, as more and more is consumed, products are increasingly disposable. Would consumers care more if they knew the human cost of making luxuries? The Brits head to the isolated mining town of Ilakaka in Madagascar to discover where the gems and jewellery sold on the British high street come from. In the vast open-pit mines they join hundreds of workers in chain gangs digging for one of the most sought-after gems in the world - sapphires. When the back-breaking work bec...

Blood Sweat And T-shirts

Blood Sweat And T-shirts logoSix young fashion lovers swap shopping for the factories and backstreet workshops of India to learn how the clothes they wear are manufactured.

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways logoSix young British food consumers go to live and work alongside the workers in south east Asian food industries
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