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BBC Three

BBC Three logoNo Description

My Big Breasts and Me

My Big Breasts and Me logoBreast enlargement surgery in the UK is on the up with an estimated 26,000 women going under the knife every year. But what is it really like to live with naturally large breasts? We meet three women who are naturally well endowed and feel that having enormous bosoms is not such a blessing. Jodie is terrified of having breast reduction surgery but with her breasts causing her chronic back pain she knows it may be her only option. Vicky hopes that alternative therapies and an exercise regime will downsize her chest. Maddie, a fashion student, struggles to be taken seriously in a world where she feels only women with small boobs can look attractive.

My Big Decision

My Big Decision logoMy Big Decision, a documentary series following five pairs of teenage girls facing similar and potentially life-changing decisions. Separated by age, culture and geography, but sharing the same all-consuming desires the girls go on a very personal journey of self discovery – but they're taking their mums and grans with them. Taking a break from everyday life, the six women embark on a five day road trip across the length and breadth of the UK, immersing themselves in the subject matter. From sex and pregnancy to binge drinking and plastic surgery, the teens are set to make a decision that could change the course of their lives. Britain's teenagers are growing up quicker than ever before, and they're making these adult decisions faster than their parents would like. But what if they had ...

My Life as an Animal

My Life as an Animal logoNo Description

My Life in Film

My Life in Film logoWelcome to the My Life in Film guide at TV Tome. Kris Marshall( My family) plays Art, a low-budget film-maker whose overactive imagination turns everyday life into a cinematic adventures in this new comedy for BBC Three show on BBC Two as-well. (First air on BBC 3) Art and his friend Jones (Andrew Scott) think they're the English Coen brothers Apparent from that they're not brothers and they haven't been able to made any films. Against this backdrop of playful homage, My Life In Film explores the triangle of love, friendship and obsession between Art, Jones and Beth (Alice Lowe)
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Nighty Night

Nighty Night logoJulia Davis heads an impressive cast in Nighty Night, a dark comedy/drama series which she also wrote. The series could be described as a West Country version of Fatal Attraction. It centres on Jill, a woman with an obsession, who is the co-owner of a suburban beauty salon. She has other things on her mind, though, namely the handsome doctor who lives in the house opposite with his wife, a wheelchair user. Jill claims her hospitalised husband is dying of a terminal illness and so descends on the life of the unfortunate couple and refuses to leave. The series won a Banff Award and Davis won a Royal Television Society Award for her performance and got a highly positive reception from TV critics.

Off The Hook

Off The Hook logoDanny embarks on his first year at Bankside University. Unbeknown to him his "worst best friend" from school, Shane, has been awarded a place at Bankside via the Clearing system, and proceeds to gatecrash Danny's university life. The pair share their student accommodation with Scarlett and Fred.

Our War

Our War logoSeries marking the ten-year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, telling the story of the conflict through the words and pictures of the young soldiers themselves

Peckham Finishing School for Girls

Peckham Finishing School for Girls logoFour privileged young ladies swap the leafy lanes of the Home Counties for the streets of south London to experience for themselves how life is lived on the other side of the tracks. Stephanie, Serena, Claire and Cat are posh and pampered with virtually no experience of life at the other end of the social spectrum. All they know about Peckham is what they've seen on the news - shootings, stabbings and gang-related violence. Though curious they are understandably nervous.

People Just Do Nothing

People Just Do Nothing logoThis mockumentary goes behind the microphone of Kurupt FM - the second most popular pirate radio station in West London, receiving up to eight texts per show and playing the finest in UK garage and drum 'n' bass. Co-founded by the MC Sniper and DJ Beats in 2002, the station has now built up a following of over a hundred people and has attracted the attention of the BBC who are making a documentary about the lives of those behind Kurupt FM

Personal Affairs

Personal Affairs logoSet against an emotional backdrop of friendship, ambition, sex and filing, this series is an offbeat drama that follows the fortunes of four fabulous personal assistants in the City.
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