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A'dam - E.V.A.

A'dam - E.V.A. logoIn A'dam - E.V.A. (Amsterdam and Many Others) we follow the turbulent relationship between Eva van Amstel and Adam de Heer. Adam (24) moves from sleepy Zeeland to noisy Amsterdam, where he starts working at the Municipal Funeral Service department. One day, he accidentally bumps into his 29-year-old neighbour Eva, known as an unconventional, urban young woman who struggles with relationships, her family and herself. Adam falls head over heels in love with Eva and she with him. Over the course of eight episodes, we’re witnessing the development of the relationship between Adam and Eva and see how it’s continually influenced and affected by dozens of other stories set in the city. Amsterdam Paradise (A'DAM - E.V.A.) is a shimmering mosaic narrative of the city, life and love.

All Stars

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Deadline logoDeadline is about a secret team - a team with secrets. This team, with leader Matthias Maat, is having a constant struggle against terror. The threat is coming from several angles and takes on different forms, however one thing is for sure, it's a struggle against the deadline

Unit 13

Unit 13 logoUnit 13 is a special investigation team, which is investigating large crime organizations, which sometimes involves unorthodox methods. Unit 13 is working to bring down the syndicate called Scylla. The team of head inspector Ruard Talsma and district attorney Adrienne Rieding is confronted with the syndicate that seems to know about their every move in advance. The show is partly based on the IRT-affaire which took place in the Netherlands in the early 90's.
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