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Eureka! (1981)

Eureka! (1981) logoEureka! (or, for French audiences, Eurêka!), was a cleverly-designed set of cartoons intended to teach physics. A total of 30 adventures surrounded a clever, long-nosed man in a white suit and distinctive hat. The narrator, played by the late Billy Van, taught this man principles of physics, ranging from mechanics to heat and temperature. Among the awards Eureka! has received: Ø Best Science & Math Video, Birmingham International Educational Film Festival Ø GOLD PLAQUE, American Film Festival Ø NAEB Graphic & Design Award TVO still provides videotapes of Eureka! for school audiences. It is their tribute to the people who made it work: David Stansfield, Denise Boiteau, and the late Billy Van.

Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines logoMighty Machines is a fascinating series featuring exciting live footage, friendly and informative characters, dynamic music and delightful humour that will capture the imaginations of young and old alike. The episodes were created in 2 formats for broadcast: 22-minute full episodes, and 5-minute excerpts for use as filler.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry logoWelcome to the Organic Chemistry guide at TV Tome. This was one of the last series in the TVO Concepts in Science project. But it was one of the first to use three-dimensional computer animation (revolutionary for its time) to teach the high-school students. Early on, this series reviews some of the principles that had been discussed in an earlier TVO series called Electron Arrangement and Bonding. The opening two shows discuss covalent bonds between atoms. The main difference is the three-dimensional "space filling" molecules. But that tactic only lasts until the end of the third show. From then on, Organic Chemistry explores some of the useful organic compounds that chemists discover or invent. These topics include synthetic fibers, fuels, plastics, soaps, and cosmetics. BROADCAST NOTE: ...

The Acme School of Stuff

The Acme School of Stuff logoThe Acme School Of Stuff was a Canadian show, made for the TVO network, airing between 1988 and 1990 and hosted by David Stringer. Each episode takes a look at the science behind objects and processes, such as toilets, water treatment and Satellites. There were 26 "Acme School of Stuff" episodes split into two seasons, and 40 "Acme Science on the March" shorts.

The Toy Castle

The Toy Castle logoIt was April 2003, and America desperately needed a boost. The country had lost too many people in too short a time (including Fred Rogers). Nothing on television looked good. Then relief came, as Detroit Public Television (DPTV) imported The Toy Castle from Canada. Here is its exquisite premise: Two children (the real-life daughter of the executive producer and son of the director) put their toys away before bed. Among the figurines in their collection are a Soldier, a Sailor, a Strongman, a Clown, a Goblin, a Ballerina, a China Doll and a Rag Doll. Only when the kids are asleep do these toys come to life. And they're not the only ones who have adventures. A few surprises crop up, such as a Mouse Family and sibling Frogs. Despite their 18th-century period wear, Frederick and Freda...

Today's Special

Today's Special logoIn the children's department of a major department store, each night when Jodie arrives for work, she carries a mannequin (Jeff) upstairs, where Muffy says the magic words "hocus pocus alimagocus!" This brings Jeff to life, and hilarity ensues.
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