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Mot i Broestet

Mot i Broestet logoMot i brøstet (1993-1997) is a Norwegian sitcom that was shown on TV 2 from winter 1993 to autumn 1997. Television series was the first of its kind in Norway and was created by Tore Ryen. The series premiered on 22 January 1993, and a total of 142 episodes were sent. The very last episode was sent on 8 December 1997.

The Insiders Guide To Love

The Insiders Guide To Love logoThis seven-part series is based around a diverse group of young people whose lives become inextricably inter-linked. When they are all implicated in a bizarre incident, the outcome of which forces them to examine and explore the loves that are at the core of their own lives - and not just romantic love - but love of life, love of self, love for children and parents, love of God, love of art, love gone wrong, love lost and unrequited love
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