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Art of Faith

Art of Faith logoArt of Faith is a visually sumptuous series filmed in High Definition exploring the architecture and art of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The three hour-long films, presented and narrated by the broadcaster John McCarthy, visit many of the greatest and most significant religious buildings of the world.

Art on your walls

Art on your walls logoSue Perkins charts the changes in British taste towards domestic art by delving into the stories of contemporary bestsellers, charting the history of post-war prints and aiming to see first hand what the average British person displays above their mantelpiece. Half of British living rooms have art on their wall bought from high street stores, and many of the British artists who created them are among the country's most successful - but we've never heard of them. Sue also tracks down the creators of recent history's most popular prints to discover their opinions on the images that changed their lives. Some of these iconic images are reproductions of famous artists, and some are unknowns, but who are these artists, and why are they so popular? She discusses Tretchikoff, the artist behind t...

BBC HD Film Shorts

BBC HD Film Shorts logoA series of short films from the brightest British filmmaking talents, spanning a variety of genres and themes.

BBC South Pacific

BBC South Pacific logoSouth Pacific is a British nature documentary series from the BBC Natural History Unit. The six-part series surveys the natural history of the islands of the South Pacific region, including many of the coral atolls and New Zealand. It has been filmed entirely in high-definition. South Pacific has been co-produced by the Discovery Channel and the series producer is Huw Cordey

Britain at War in Colour

Britain at War in Colour logoDocumentary and newsreel film of World War II has been seen before, but Britain at War--In Colour is different. Much of the footage here was shot unofficially by servicemen and civilians as a personal record of events unfolding, giving the three programmes a more inward, human quality. "Darkest Hour" covers the period from the government's failed policy of appeasement, through the months of misfortune and failure, to the turn of the tide in North Africa late in 1942. "The Beginning of the End" traces the successes in Asia and the Atlantic, through the D-Day landings, to victory in Europe in April 1945. "Unknown Warriors" takes a chronological overview, through the letters and diaries of, and recent interviews with a dozen people caught up in the conflict. It makes for a detailed, informal ...

Frontline Medicine

Frontline Medicine logoDocumentary about the role medicine is playing in the battlefield saving lives and what implications and advances its generating for medicine globally.

Hidden Treasures of...

Hidden Treasures of... logoGriff Rhys Jones sets off on a series of adventures to find out what extraordinary treasure is still being created in far-off places by the indigenous people of today. In a rapidly changing world can traditional art survive? What meaning does it still have?

Iolo's secret life of birds

Iolo's secret life of birds logoIolo Williams explores the behaviour of birds in Wales, revealing all aspects of their lives from surviving harsh winters and avoiding predators, to living alongside us in our towns and cities

Italy Unpacked

Italy Unpacked logoHosted by British art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon and Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli, ‘Italy Unpacked’ will be shown on BBC 2 and follows on from the BBC’s successful series ‘Sicily Unpacked’ that aired in 2012. The duo will look at the art, culinary culture, and landscape of North Italy, from major cities including Turin and Milan to lesser known gems such as Mantua and Ferrara, admiring ancient masterpieces and modern contemporary Italian art, as well as enjoying the local cuisine.


Jinx logoComedy drama about a girl with a magical cookbook. It feels to Lulu as if her life cannot get any worse, when a visitor takes her on a magical adventure.
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