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BBC Four

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Dan Snow's Norman Walks

Dan Snow's Norman Walks logoHistorian Dan Snow puts his walking boots on and sets off to see what the great British landscape can teach us about our Norman predecessors. Shown earlier this year on BBC4, anyone with a passing interest in British history (or landscape for that matter) will be gripped by this entertaining and educational series. Dan Snow separates myth from fact as he explores the legacy of the 11th-century Norman invasion of the British isles.

Danny Baker's Rockin' Decades

Danny Baker's Rockin' Decades logoDanny Baker presents a series on British rock in all its gaudy forms.

Dawn French's Girls Who Do Comedy

Dawn French's Girls Who Do Comedy logoDawn French delves into the strangely uncharted world of women in comedy. From Kathy Burke to Catherine Tate, Tracy Ullman to Victoria Wood and Joan Rivers to Sandra Bernhard, Dawn meets the women behind the laughter, and finds out what makes them tick.

Days that shook the World

Days that shook the World logoA gripping anatomy of some of the most important days in history, hour by hour as they unfolded. Recreated by using first-hand accounts, forensic detail, and personal records, the programmes included the moon landings, the assassination of the Romanovs, Hiroshima, the freeing of Nelson Mandela, the assassination of JFK and Chernobyl. Days That Shook The World is a British documentary television series that first aired on September 17, 2003, is currently in its third season, and airs on BBC, The History Channel and Viasat History. The series was also released on DVD by the Polish edition of Newsweek in 2007. It is currently being shown on Discovery Channel UK on weekdays at 4pm.
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Destination Titan

Destination Titan logoIt's a voyage of exploration like no other - to Titan, Saturn's largest moon and thought to resemble our own early Earth. For a small team of British scientists this would be the culmination of a lifetime's endeavour - the flight alone, some 2 billion miles, would take a full seven years. This is the story of the space probe they built, the sacrifices they made and their hopes for the landing. Would their ambitions survive the descent into the unknown on Titan's surface?

Dirk Gently

Dirk Gently logoDrama featuring writer Douglas Adams's holistic detective Dirk Gently, who operates based on the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. An investigation into a missing cat is inextricably linked to a chance encounter with an old friend, an exploding warehouse, a missing billionaire and a plate of biscuits.

Double Helix: The DNA Years

Double Helix: The DNA Years logoThis two-part series tells the story of a 50-year-old quest to discover the secret of human nature hidden in our DNA. We can now transfer genes from one species to another, creating pigs with human genes and crops that make their own pesticides. Human embryos are screened for genetic illnesses. And all convicted criminals in the UK have their DNA fingerprints kept on file. Genetics opens many doors, but it also raises complex ethical questions. From the discovery of the structure of the DNA in 1953, through to the completion of the human genome map, Double Helix paints an extraordinary new picture of human nature, showing the truth of what DNA can tell us about ourselves.

Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt Britain

Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt Britain logoDreaming The Impossible: Unbuilt Britain is a documentary series which takes a look at different fascinating and dramatic stories behind some of the grandest designs that were never built.

Edgar Allan Poe: Love, Death and Women

Edgar Allan Poe: Love, Death and Women logoCrime author Denise Mina investigates the life and work of one of the world's greatest horror writers, Edgar Allan Poe. The relationships between Poe and the women in his life - mother, wife, paramour and muse - were tenuous at best, disastrous at worst, yet they provided inspiration and stimulus for some of the most terrifying and influential short stories of the early 19th century. Travelling between New York, Virginia and Baltimore, Mina unravels Poe's tortuous and peculiar relationships. Dramatised inserts take us into the minds of Poe and his women through their own letters, journals and published writing.

Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams logoElectric Dreams explores how the technological revolution of the 1970s, 80s and 90s has transformed Britain’s homes and all our lives. The Sullivan-Barnes family from Reading are a thoroughly modern family who own the latest in 21st century gadgetry. In a unique experiment they were stripped of all their modern tech and their own home was taken back in time so that they could live with the technology of earlier decades. The family lived a year per day starting in 1970 right up to the year 2000. Would the lack of multiple screens and technology-free bedrooms encourage them to spend more time together or just result in very bored children? How would they fare without the labour-saving domestic technology we now take for granted?
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